Tue. Mar 31st, 2020

Hundreds of suppliers prepare military claims against the GSMA

The cancellation of the Mobile World Congress (MWC) dimecres passat has donated a tense calm that foreshadows a great legal battle per l’assumpció de les pèrdues milionàries derived from the non-celebration of the event. In the first hours after the drastic, he decided, regna confused her, even though it was the first movement to claim, judicially if necessary, a compensation.

Among those who have transcended, the National Association of Refrigeration Magatzems of Carn i Sales d ‘Especejament (Anafric), which brings together 250 large companyies of the country, is a troba that will report a legal report to the Euroforo Arasa De law firm Miquel Advocats may consider whether it is possible to file a class action lawsuit against the GSMA, the organizing company of the Mobile, pels prejudices causats amb a cancellation that they do not consider justified.

José Frigols, president of Anafric, will explain: “Have hundreds of commandes dhotels
And restaurants in Barcelona that are going to be annulled, what is the reason for the carnival? If you freeze it, the baixa is important; if not, it is bad … ” Juli De Miquel, d ’Euroforo, said that it was possible to file a lawsuit because it caused a serious damage to the associates of Anafric. The decision is to press on the pro dies.

The petits suppliers and companies of serveis locals are, with respect to differences, those who have a good fortune, in some cases have been incorporated in important cases and do not have the capacity or capacity to litigate. Molt més if they are not going to be contractats directly by the GSMA, as is the cas of the majority of the restaurants that wait for fer l’agost to the febrer.

Major cause

The lack of objective motivation per annul the contest goes against the interests of the GSMA

In Canvi, the hotels gaudeixen, almenys on the paper, of moltes more options of claiming that it is compleixin els sec contractes, as it will be remembered there to be the Gremi d’Hotels of Barcelona. L’agència d’esdeveniments B Network is going to be the one that directly reserves them for Mobile in hundreds of Barcelona hotels and on behalf of the GSMA. Ahir, one day after I officially announced the cancellation, l’agència, and not so alone, I had annulled the thousands of hotel reservations contracts. “He is indignant,” says the director of a hotel in the city, which will demand l’anonimat -: tinc 80% of the rooms blocked, I know that there will be no one and I can not even put them to the band ” .

The directiu citat is going to show pessimistic in relation to les pèrdues: “Ens will demand that donem suport, ja veurem in quina moderation”, is going to regret. Fonts of B Network will explain ahir
to the nit that “estem treballant amb the GSMA, però the situation is canviant and estem subject to the strict confidentiality”. In a communication, Gremi will say that it was now time to quantify the risks and balance in order to “timely manage the cancellation according to the contractual clauses”. The hoteliers, who expect the Mobile to continue with the city, are playful diners and do not sow willing to pay for the platinum trains.

Amb tot, the part of the GSMA crisis per part of the GSMA corresponds to the 2,800 exhibitors who have seen how to cancel the event in which they have invested millions of money sense that hi motivated objective, from the legal point of view, furthermore from the cause of força major than al·lega l’organització. The coverage of the assegurances contracts through the international brokerage Willis Towers Watson – which is going to be Lloyd’s – does not include les pandèmies. If the GSMA is overwhelmed by the claims of millionaires d’uns and altres, the foreseeable month is that it ended up pleasing against the company d’assegurances adduint aquestes causes de força major. It is not easy for me to advise you, but that way I could handle the claims.

At the moment, the expositors have not mogut peça and among the main telecommunication operators it is important to be prudent. The suspension of the Mobile one week before the inauguration has deixat amb ambitious breathing and that is why I remind the concise institutional explanations. Those who are going to withdraw abans from the cancel·lació, with Orange and Vodafone, will say that they are going to pay for their employment.

Hotels sense answer

Ahir a la nit, l’agència that has booked tots els hotels had no cancel·lat les reserves

Telefónica, which is maintaining the fins at the end – and also Orange – will emphasize that the decision of the MWC organizer is going to be transferred to the next edition of the next edition of 2021, which is compromised. It is not foreseeable that cap d’elles demanded the GSMA pel compromís that have both Mobile and why they are part of the mateix consell d’administració that will decide the seva cancel·lació.

Menys comprensiu will be ahir Martí Sarrate, president of the Cooperative Association of Agriencies of Viatge Especialitzades (Acave): “Em Costa Molt d’Entendre decided to suspend the MWC. No hi ha força major per fer-ho. Those who have presided over it decided hauran d’assumir les pèrdues ”. Sarrate is going to shave that “it is possible to see offers the setmana he sees, but even so little marge of temps it is difficult for tourists to react.” Les pèrdues per la cancel·lació són incalculables.

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