July 27, 2021

Hundreds of runners in Madrid to make visible the problem of suicide

Hundreds of runners in Madrid to make visible the problem of suicide

Hundreds of people have participated today in Madrid in the First Race against suicide with which the organizers have wanted to give visibility to this problem, which "destroys the lives of 3,600 people and their families annually in Spain", so they demand a Plan National prevention.

The race has been organized by the Association La Barandilla, which since 2016 works to prevent suicide, which is why it launched in February a "Phone against suicide" – the 910 380 600- in which they have attended and more than 800 calls.

"Of those more than 800 calls, 400 went to ask for information and another 400 people have taken away the idea of ​​committing suicide", assured Efe José Manuel Dolares, who has highlighted the need to give visibility to this reality that each year is charged the life of between 3,600 and 3,700 people in Spain.

Explains that the phone is staffed by a team of health professionals (psychologists, psychiatrists, occupational therapists and educators), who listen to "concerned family members and people with suicidal tendencies or in full suicide to see where their strength is and strengthen it to avoid to end your life. "

The president of Mensajeros de la Paz, Father Ángel, was in charge of inaugurating the race at Madrid's Juan Carlos I Park, in whose organization volunteers from firefighters from the Madrid city hall have also participated.

José Manuel Dolares demands a National Plan for the Prevention of Suicide, regrets that "talking about suicide in Spain now is like talking about HIV 30 years ago" and, even, is in favor of GPs asking patients if they have ideas suicide to combat this problem.

According to their data, the number of women who try to end their lives is greater than that of men, although it is the latter who get the most for "using more drastic measures to do it" and relates that behind the suicides they are, mainly, depressions as well as other mental, economic or loving problems.


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