Fri. Apr 3rd, 2020

Hundreds of people receive with a carnival party the new trains of the towns of Seville

Hundreds of people from different municipalities in the regions of the Sierra Sur and La Campiña Sevillanas have received this Sunday in Arahal with a carnival party to the trains that, from today, make stops at stations in the area.

The vicinity of the Arahal train station and its platform have become a party since the early morning, adding to the neighbors who were already there by the arrival of the Piñata Sunday cavalcade in the municipality.

From today, the medium distance schedules between Seville and Malaga come into effect, so that all trains stop at Antequera to connect with the Avants with origin and destination in Granada, among others.

Thus, the number of services in Sevillian municipalities such as Arahal, Pedrera, Marchena and Osuna is increased, with the nuance that stations such as the Arahalense now have passenger train stops to link with other locations.

To celebrate, components of the different platforms that have claimed the arrival of the new trains have been concentrated throughout the morning, receiving the trains in a festive atmosphere, since at 8.30 the first of the new schedules has entered.


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