July 9, 2020

Hundreds of people protest in Galicia over the closure of the Verín paruary

Hundreds of people have gathered late in the afternoon of Wednesday in several Galician cities to protest against the closure of the district hospital Verin hospital, coinciding with the complaint filed by the Nursing Union (Satse) before the Ourense Prosecutor's Office Against this measure.

Convened by the World March of Mulleres de Galicia, dozens of people have taken to the streets in the main Galician cities, such as Vigo, Santiago de Compostela, Lugo, Vigo or A Coruña, to denounce the "institutional aggression" to the women of Verín after the announcement of the Ministry of Health to suspend the delivery service in that health center.

During the protest held in the municipality of Verín in orensano, more than 300 people, including hospital workers, members of the health platform and residents of the town, have chanted slogans such as "Verín non se pecha" (Verín does not close) or "Feijóo resignation".

A representative of the Platform in defense of the Public Health of Monterrei, Aurora Sola, has warned that "you can not consent" that the Sergas and the Department "are putting at risk" women and children and has considered "very serious" that have to travel distances of more than one hour to be served.

He has advanced that the workers will remain locked up in the center "definitely", including the end of the year, if necessary, "until they reopen the delivery room and the Pediatric Emergencies for our children".

The Xunta alleges safety reasons for mothers and children and the decrease in the number of births to justify this decision, based, he assures, on technical recommendations and professional criteria.

However, Satse affirms in his complaint that while "it is true" the decline in birth and the number of deliveries at the Hospital de Verín, "we cannot share" that the closure is justified by "patient safety" and on the basis of an argument "as zafio" as is the "loss of experience of professionals" due to the decrease in the number of deliveries.

The union also recalls that Verín is 75 kilometers from Ourense capital and "are still further away" from "any" of the population centers served by the county center.

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