Hundreds of people denounce with a 'kissed' that their love "is not cured"

Hundreds of people denounce with a 'kissed' that their love "is not cured"

A hundred people have concentrated this Saturday in the Zerolo Square in Madrid to kiss in protest at the therapies of "aversion and conversion" aimed at LGTBI + people who have been hosting the Bishopric of Alcalá de Henares, and claiming that their love "not It cures".

Convened by the association Kifkif and other LGTBI groups in the city, including Cogam, couples of all types of sexual orientation have come to this "kissed" to show their love and show their rejection of these pseudotherapies taught in the Guidance Center Family member 'Regina Familiae', a service that belongs to the diocese of Alcalá, and that seeks to 'cure' homosexuality.

The convenors have demanded the fulfillment of the Law of Integral Protection against the LGTBifobia and the Discrimination by Orientation and sexual identity in the Community of Madrid, that contemplates very serious sanctions for promoting or realizing therapies "of aversion or conversion" with the purpose of modifying the sexual orientation or gender identity of a person.

For the commission of this infraction, the consent given by the person subjected to such therapies will be "irrelevant", according to the regional law.

The protest was attended by the regional deputy in the Assembly of Madrid Eduardo Fernández Rubiño, the Socialist deputy Carla Antonelli Delgado, and the Socialist spokesperson in the City Council, Puri Causapié.

In addition to the big 'kissed', the concentrates, the vast majority with rainbow flags, have sung songs like "To the Bishopric we want it out" and "Bon this way", by Lady Gaga.

The bishopric of José Antonio Reig Pla has denied that it conducts courses aimed at curing homosexuality, as published, although "it does not renounce welcoming and accompanying people who freely request it" in an "integral, pastoral and spiritual way".

The Community of Madrid will investigate these courses after two complaints registered by the regional parliamentarian Fernández Rubiño and the Arcópoli association.

The consumer organization Facua Madrid and the Colectivo LGTB + of Madrid Cogam have also lodged complaints with the Ministry of Social Policies and Family of the Community of Madrid to demand the opening of a sanctioning process both to the alleged therapist and to the institution promoting the courses, the Bishopric of Alcalá de Henares.


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