Hundreds of pensioners ask that the rise according to the CPI be "real" in front of the Congress - The Province

Varioushundreds of pensioners have manifestedin the vicinity of the Congress on the occasion of the International Day of the Elderly to claim that the agreement on the revaluation of pensions is made concrete and that the rise in pensions according to the CPI is "real".

The demonstration, headed by the Secretary of Public Policies and Social Action, Carlos Bravo, and by the confederal secretary of UGT, Adela Carrió, has culminated in the Plaza de las Cortes, before reaching the Congress, due to the impossibility of crossing the cordon police that near the House.

However, representatives of the two organizing unions, CC.OO. and UGT, have agreed to the Congress topresent the proposals collected to the parliamentary groupsin the manifesto of the mobilization, which has been developed under the slogan 'More than the IPC - # PensionsDignity-Dependency Law'. For this Monday, October 1, about fifty protests were organized throughout Spain.

During the registration of the manifesto in the Congress, the General Secretary of the Socialist Group in the Congress, Rafael Simancas; the spokesman of the PP in the Pact of Toledo, Gerardo Camps; and the deputy of Cs, José Luis Martínez.

In the manifesto the unions demand the Government and all the public authorities and administrations thatput in place measures to guarantee the sustainability of the public pension systemand from the base of the social and political agreement.

They also bet onguarantee the maintenance of purchasing powerof pensions during the entire period of collection, establishing the necessary annual pension revaluation system based on the registered CPI or establishing a minimum income benefit.

Both for CC.OO. As for UGT, it is also importantthat the cuts in health matters be repealed or that public health services be strengthened, although they consider that "for this we must increase tax revenues and ensure sufficient resources for the proper functioning of public services".

In the manifesto the unions advocate forfully implement the Dependency Law, guaranteeing sufficient and quality care; to prioritize the fight against inequality and poverty in economic and labor decisions and to establish effective measures against energy poverty, establishing a social bond that guarantees the basic supply of energy.

Finally, they believe thatVAT should be reduced for basic household servicesand that it would be necessary to help the most needy groups and cover their basic needs.

In addition, both the organization led by Unai Sordo and that of Pepe Álvarez have called for dialogue so that unilateral measures and reforms are not adopted, since on previous occasions"They have been a failure" and have affected "very negatively"to numerous groups.

CC.OO. and UGT, along with their respective organizations of retirees, have convened about half a hundred mobilizations throughout Spain to defend the rights of pensioners.

Rise according to the CPI

After the delivery of the text, Carlos Bravo has highlighted that the recovery of the revaluation of pensions according to the CPI, "despite the good news that implies," has not yet been just a statement.

"The Government has to take it to the table of social dialogueto reach an agreement with the social partners to ensure the revaluation of pensions, repeal the 2013 reform and balance the financial situation of Social Security ", stressed Bravo.

For its part, the confederal secretary of UGT has ensured that the revalorization according to the IPC must be made effective through an article and a Law."You can not leave without a Law, because it will never be sustainable", he assured.

Bravo, in this line, has pointed out that the revalorization according to the CPI has to go to the Cortes so that the broad consensus that has been expressed is concrete and can be carried to the General Law of Social Security.

UGT has also stressed thatthis demonstration has focused on claiming to put a braketo all cuts "to return to achieve a dignified quality of life and have a significant impact on the life of pensions."

In this line, Bravo has apostille that the purpose of the demonstration was not only to claim that the agreement on the revaluation of pensions is made concrete, but also to increase the public resources necessary to meet the growing health demand of social services.

From his point of view,it is necessary that the dependence is also taken care of, because "the society can not continue supporting the cuts of the last years in the Budgets", and its economic benefits "in a dignified way".


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