July 12, 2020

Hundreds of Ence workers will demonstrate tomorrow at the PSOE headquarters in Madrid




The workers of all the companies of the Ence group Energy and Cellulose, forestry, auxiliary and logistics companies have been called by the unions to demonstrate tomorrow Friday before the headquarters of the PSOE in the Madrid street of Ferraz "in defense of our jobs, due to the conflict created by the raid of the Government to grant the extension granted in its day to the biofactory of Pontevedra ».

A caravan of a hundred trucks left Begonte (Lugo) this morning that by the A6 they have reached Villaviciosa de Odón (Madrid), where they have left the vehicles parked to join their drivers to the demonstration that will start tomorrow at 11 am from Ferraz Street, at the height of the PSOE headquarters. The march will end in the vicinity of the Congress of Deputies.

The unions denounce that «the impact that the cessation of industrial activity in Pontevedra would have it would be a serious blow for direct, indirect and induced employment, both in the city itself, and at the level of Galicia and Spain, since a very important part of the company's result lies in the production of the Pontevedra biofactory, which is why the mobilization will be from the different work centers that It has the ENCE Group in Spain, both the northern, plateau and southern centers ».

They add that “we are a family that we have decided to see each other before Christmas and in Madrid, because we are clear about the impact that the disappearance of such an important center would have for everything it generates. We want to make it clear that in Ence, if they touch us all, they touch us all, which is why we will all go to one in defense of the jobs that are now at stake for political "whims". Let's make them see that in Pontevedra they have created a problem where there was not, that its irresponsibility is unparalleled and that it is inconsistent, when the Navia biofactory is defended by the PSOE, even with a promotional video developed in the same biofactory in the previous electoral campaign ».

The workers warn that «we will continue to defend our jobs wherever necessary, despite whoever weighs them, the one who governs, whether in Madrid, Galicia or Pontevedra. Than the PSOE, should remove the "O" from its acronym for not being worthy of it, Since de Obrero has nothing, it is clear that part of his responsibility is to create employment and wealth, and not quite the opposite. Likewise, we do not want to forget an unscrupulous mayor who uses systematic lies to destroy employment, a job that thousands of Pontevedra, unfortunately, have to look outside because it prevents their creation here. They must be part of the solution and not the problem, as it is in this case, because more than 5,000 jobs are on the table, with the economic and social impact that would be in Pontevedra, Galicia and places in Spain where the company has centers of work".

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