August 4, 2020

Hundreds of Dominicans march against a reform for another reelection of Medina

Hundreds of Dominicans marched this Friday to the National Congress to protest against an eventual reform of the Constitution that would allow the president, Danilo Medina, to opt for a third consecutive term in the elections of 2020.

The march was called by the presidential candidate Luis Abinader, of the opposition Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM), amid strong rumors that on Friday the bill to reform the Magna Carta could be presented to the Chamber of Deputies.

In an atmosphere as festive as protest, the demonstrators were gathered near the National Congress, which was protected by a strong police cordon while the legislators were meeting in a special session, convened outside the usual schedule of the chamber, which helped to feed the rumors

Many of the participants, among them deputies, representatives of business and social sectors and anonymous citizens, carried signs or wore garments with slogans such as "The Constitution is not for sale".

The place even came a four-legged protester, cow Claudia, also bearer of a message rejecting the reform of the Magna Carta, and whose owner, Leonel, moved from West Santo Domingo to claim that the constitutional text "is not a cow that can be sold, "he told Efe.

Abinader, who took a real bath of crowds, warned that new popular mobilizations will be called if the project of constitutional reform is introduced in the National Congress.

"If by some of these cameras the project comes (of reform) we will go to the streets of the Republic," said Abinader, who was a presidential candidate for the PRM in 2016.

In the protest there were also references to the telephone conversation in which, on Wednesday, US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, conveyed to Medina "the importance of all political actors" of the Dominican Republic " preserve accession "to the Constitution in view of the 2020 elections.

In this sense, the ex-deputy Nelson Arroyo lamented that "from abroad they have to tell the President of the Republic how the Dominican people are thinking."

PRM leader Leonardo Faña said that "the US government knows what is happening here, a dictatorship is being promoted, and every people that has a democratic sense must be in favor of avoiding a dictatorship."

The country's Constitution expressly forbids Medina to seek a third term; However, officials and legislators related to the president have been promoting his re-election for months.

Medina, who is silent, told Pompeo that "he does not have a decision made in relation to the elections of 2020," according to the Presidency on Thursday.

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