Hundreds of citrus farmers defend the future of the sector in Valencia

Hundreds of citrus farmers defend the future of the sector in Valencia

Hundreds of citrus farmers and representatives of different agricultural associations and cooperatives, trade unions and political parties have demonstrated this Sunday in the streets of the center of Valencia in defense of the future of the citrus sector.

In a march called by the Platform for the Dignity of the Llaurador, the fourth protest of this group celebrated with the slogan 'Per the defense of the citrus fruit nostra', the demonstrators have carried banners in which they have claimed an agrarian policy and some prices " worthy. "

In the same way, in the route, which has run between the station of the North and the seat of the Delegation of the Government in the Valencian Comunitat, they have exhibited posters in which they express that they are "fotuts i indignats" (annoyed and indignant) and They ask: "Les clementines penjant, i ara què?" (The hanging clementines, and now what?).

The march took place in a relaxed atmosphere and at the time of protest, with many of the participants dressed in orange vests and shouting slogans such as "Prou" (Basta), "Demanem el es nosostre" (Let's ask what is ours) and others in which they demand protection from the European Union.

At the end of it, we have read a manifesto in the form of a Decalogue with the demands that will be transferred to the political parties with the aim of incorporating them into their electoral programs for the elections of April 28 and May 26.

Parallel to the protest, the Platform for the Dignity of the Llaurador has initiated a campaign of collection of signatures "before the little sensitivity on the part of the Administrations and given the serious situation of the citricultura" in the Comunitat Valenciana, whose producers have already had 250 million euros of direct losses, according to the platform.

As in the event, this campaign calls for, among others, a review and renegotiation of all agreements signed between the European Union and third countries in relation to citrus imports and "guarantee the health of European consumers by reporting substances banned by the European Union with which citrus fruits imported from third countries are processed ".

It is also demanded to guarantee the plant health of European citrus fruits, adopting the necessary measures so that pests and diseases from third countries do not enter; ensure compliance with the law of the food chain to ensure "a decent income" to the farmer and ensure the correct labeling of the origin and variety of the product.

The assembled signatures will be sent after the elections to the different Administrations with competences in the sector.

The protest has been supported by 103 towns in citrus areas of the Comunitat Valenciana, the CCOO and UGT unions and different agrarian organizations that form the Plataforma per la Dignitat del Llaurador as the Unió de Llauradors i Ramaders, FEPAC-ASAJA, Grupo Intercoop de las Agricultural Cooperatives of the province of Castellón, the Local Association of Llauradors de Nules, the Central Water Union of the Mijares River.

It has also been supported by the Association of Irrigation Wells of the province of Castelló, the Association of Distributors and Applicators of Pesticides of the province of Castellón, and the Association of Commerce and Export Cooperatives of the province of Castellón, among others.


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