Hundreds of canaries are left hanging with unemployment benefits due to a change in the SCE

The SCE is in charge of active employment policies, among others, processing registrations as applicants but allowed the SEPE to do so. Not now. / CARRASCO

Since August 1, it prevents the SEPE from processing the registrations as job seekers of citizens who come to apply for unemployment. More than 1,500 islanders have the payment blocked

Silvia Fernandez

More of
1,500 canaries -the number is increasing every day- they have remained
hanged when starting to collect their benefits for unemployment as a result of a change decided by the Canary Islands Employment Service (SCE) and which came into force on August 1 without the citizens having been previously informed.

According to close sources,
the ETS has decided to apply after the pandemic "the new normal" in the processing of unemployment benefits. Consequently,
since August 1 does not allow the SEPE -which is responsible for the payment of benefits-
immediately and agilely process registration as a job seeker (which is a previous and obligatory step to request the benefit and that corresponds to the SCE) of the citizens who present themselves directly to the SEPE to request unemployment.


  • Situation
    Until now, the SCE allowed the SEPE to manage the rise as a job seeker when someone applied for unemployment without having this procedure.

  • Modification
    Since August 1, the SEPE cannot do it and the citizen has to request an appointment with the SCE for this procedure. 1,500 canaries have the payment blocked

  • Solution
    The two administrations are trying to reach an agreement. Close sources criticize that the excessive zeal of the SCE in its competences harms the citizen.

As these sources point out, before the pandemic, people who were going to request a benefit from the SEPE without having processed before being registered as a job seeker "were forwarded" to the SCE in an internal procedure and the process was carried out on the fly,
managing the payment of the benefit immediately.

During the pandemic, to prevent people from going to the office, the SEPE was in charge of directly registering the claimant at the same time as processing the benefit. Then the SEPE was in charge of sending the SCE “the lists” and that was it.

Since August 1, the SEPE cannot carry out the procedure or expedite it by instruction of the SCE, which forces citizens to make an appointment to carry out the procedure.

A change that harms the citizen

“Before the system was automatic. Now the SCE has decided that the registration of the plaintiff cannot be done by the SEPE either by listing or by forwarding.
The citizen must compulsorily request an appointment with the SCE, which is detrimental to themsince they will not charge it until they have it, ”indicate these sources.

They warn of
There is a risk of losing days of unemployment payment, since to request the unemployment benefit there is a period of fifteen days. "If it is done later, the period is consumed and you can lose benefit days," these sources indicate.

In addition, getting an appointment for telephone attention (the only one possible) at the SCE takes a few days, especially in a month like August when there are staff on vacation. “Right now we have unpaid benefits waiting for the registration as a plaintiff to be formalized,” these sources indicate.

The SCE and SEPE are trying to reach a solution on this matter. A few days ago there was a meeting between the parties but no agreement was reached, according to these sources.

Lack of coordination between administrations

“The SCE (Government of the Canary Islands) is responsible for active employment policies, such as registration as a claimant, while the SEPE (State) is responsible for passive policies, that is, the payment of the benefit. Now there is this problem of lack of coordination between the two administrations, regional and state, and the victim is the citizen, ”point out these sources who call on citizens to request an appointment at the SCE before going to the SEPE to request the benefit to avoid meeting with this problem and lose days of unemployment benefit.

«The change is not understood nor the date decided, when there is a lot of staff on vacation and it is more complicated to make an appointment, which is delaying the collection of benefits, ”indicate these sources. “In the end, the citizen is always the one who pays,” they indicate.

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