Human resources can not lead the digital transformation | Trends

Human resources can not lead the digital transformation | Trends

A very common situation faced by human resources departments is the huge task of being in charge of the digital transformation of a company. A serious mistake because it is not the place where they should be. As discussed yesterday by different experts in the afternoon session on talent and people of the event Retina LTD, the role of the department is far from championing technological change. "We are a facilitator to attract the best talent and facilitate processes. Technology is put at the service of workers, but nothing more, "said Lorena Pérez, person director of Cabify Spain.

For Javier Martín, director of human resources at Google in Spain, who shared a similar opinion, the organization's management is the one that has to take this responsibility. "Human resources will give support to manage digital change, but it should never be put forward," he argued. The relevance of digitization for both talent and people, regardless of who has to lead this change, put on the table Marta Machicot, director of human resources at Telefónica. "54% of new jobs in 2022 will have unknown skills so far," he said.

Nobody dared to describe what the work environment will be in 30 years, but none of the speakers considered that it was the same as at the moment. As Sabine Hansen, global head of human resources at Amadeus, explained, talent matters regardless of whether the environment is more digital or less. "In this technological world almost everything can be copied, but culture and talent," he said.


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