Human Resources ask for step in management positions

Human Resources ask for step in management positions


Director of Human Resources It is one of the strategic figures of companies. People are the differential value of companies and knowing how to manage them is a priority for companies today. It is a position that has gained greater prominence in recent years and the desire to orientate their knowledge towards managerial positions and not merely technical ones is appreciated in the market.

Given the new challenges, the sector questions the need to raise the level of Human Resources professionals. "The director of HR in Spain must be a more relevant actor, who is truly a manager," says Marcos Sanz, director of PeopleMatters. In his opinion, "traditional training is not enough, it is not serving to be in the direction of companies." Íñigo Sánchez-Cabezudo, global director of Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) markets remember that in the world there are twelve million professionals in this field, with little representation in the boards of the firms, while the number in the area of ​​finance goes up to 120 million "And one in three is on the board." In his opinion, it is necessary to change the type of certification, betting on training "that makes them think about the business" and, above all, getting these professionals "to commit themselves to their professional development, to be updated".

Montserrat Luquero, general director of Morgan Phillips Hudson Spain, remember that two decades ago this profile either did not exist or reported for other directions and did not have a presence on the steering committee. "You can not generalize, because there were more advanced companies, but it was the most frequent," he explains to ABC. Now, the situation has changed: "The director of Human Resources has acquired more prominence and it is normal that this figure is part of the company's strategy". At a time when companies are fully addressing the digital transformation, "this figure is one of the most important elements in that transformation because it must manage it and at the same time affect its function," adds Luquero.

A pending task is for the HR director to be a more relevant actor, a true manager

One of the pending subjects of the sector in Spain is to achieve a greater international presence. In an increasingly global and interconnected world, "we must get this figure in the world," says Íñigo Sánchez-Cabezudo. «That they know how to work in other international markets, learn from each other», Add. While it is true that at the national level "there is a high level of associationism, much networking," says Montserrat Luquero, it is not the same outside the borders. In the annual congress that SHRM organizes each year, with representation from more than 90 countries, "the Spanish presence is very small while the countries of Africa and Latin America have understood the importance of this exchange of knowledge", underlines SHRM manager .

New certification

Precisely, PeopleMatters and SHRM have just signed a collaborative alliance in Spain to offer a new international HR program that begins in the coming weeks. A certification that aims to train more in the practical than in the theoretical and very directed to the role of manager. "A good HR professional will demand more demanding services and this certification is, with one part online and one face-to-face", explains Marcos Sanz. Unlike other certifications, "half of the exam is situational judgments".


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