July 8, 2020

Human remains found in a pit near Mexico's border bridge with the US

A pit with human remains of at least three people was discovered near a Mexican border bridge with the United States, the Search Commission of the northern Mexican state of Tamaulipas reported to Efe on Monday.

Collectives of families victims of violence found during a search operation this grave a few meters from the Anzalduas International Bridge in Reynosa, Mexico, bordering with the county of Hidalgo, Texas, said the head of the Commission, Jorge Ernesto Macias Espinoza.

In the pit were found parts of at least three people, including a bone of one leg, part of one foot and a severed hand.

"We are working together with families with missing persons to locate the victims. We are starting the fieldwork, starting today and for the next two days," said Macias Espinoza.

The commissioner stressed that they are working with about 15 family groups.

"In recent weeks we have conducted about 25 field searches in polygons located in various municipalities of Tamaulipas," he said.

Macias Espinoza reported that they recently acquired a drone that has a special sensor to recognize the gases emitted by decaying bodies.

"This drone will be used for field searches. It will fly over inaccessible areas where we will have to perform a search and through the gases that can be detected at a certain height, we can obtain results," he added.

In the operation on the international bridge, groups of families of the disappeared participated, which are organized in the "Justicia Tamaulipas A.C." collective, which affiliates with about 200 families.

The search was coordinated by the State Commission and protected by the Mexican Army military, Federal Police and state police in armored vans and military units equipped with heavy caliber weapons.

Forensic experts, anthropologists, dogs trained in the search for corpses and expert services of the Attorney General of Tamaulipas, who carry out excavations and field work, also participated.

The operation will continue for the next two days on neighborhood roads, ranches and rural areas adjacent to the city of Reynosa, although the purpose of this particular search was not specified.

Data from Non-Governmental Organizations indicate that of the more than 34,000 missing persons officially registered in Mexico between 2006 and 2018, a total of 5,862 took place in Tamaulipas, and 990 lost their track in Reynosa.

From 2006 to the middle of August 2019, Mexican authorities had found 4,974 bodies in 3,024 clandestine graves, mostly in the states of Tamaulipas, Chihuahua, Guerrero, Sinaloa and Jalisco.

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