Fri. Apr 3rd, 2020

Hugo Sierra confesses an aesthetic touch-up

There are many contestants from

Survivors 2020

that before starting their adventure in Honduras they decide to go through the operating room to improve their appearance. Some of them take advantage of the previous weeks to perform various aesthetic touches
that they provide greater beauty in the face of the demanding physical conditions that they will suffer during their isolation. One of the first to do so was Rocío Flores who underwent microblanding believing that he would participate in GH VIP 7. However, it was not the only one.

As you have confessed Hugo Sierra In the last hours, Adara Molinero’s ex-husband would have been botox. Something that surprised some of his colleagues.

'Survivors 2020': Yiya and Hugo Sierra talk about cosmetic touch-ups

‘Survivors 2020’: Yiya and Hugo Sierra talk about cosmetic touch-ups

'Survivors 2020': Yiya talks about aesthetic touches

‘Survivors 2020’: Yiya talks about aesthetic touches

During ua conversation at Playa Desvalida Hugo Sierra and Yiya They began to chat about the physical aspect. The exile of the Uruguayan encouraged his approach with some of his companions and in this case with the former participant of One prince for three princesses. “Rocío said that I messed with her physique and I didn’t do it at any time because it would be too easy, but she did make a comment messing with your physiqueYiya explained to her partner.

“The comment was something like you had put botox and I asked him where he had got that information. Then, he looked at Elena and let it be known that she had told him so, ”added the young woman.

'2020 Survivors': Hugo Sierra confesses that he put on Botox before traveling to Honduras

‘2020 Survivors’: Hugo Sierra confesses that he put on Botox before traveling to Honduras

“You can’t sow a story with him if I told you.”Adara’s ex-partner replied. “It’s always the same. I think it is a normal thing, it has no relevance, “he continued. Of course, Hugo Sierra made it clear that he did “I did it a week before coming to Honduras, it is impossible that Rocío knew it ”. “I totally sweat it,” stressed the Uruguayan.

During this talk, Ana María Aldón was also present. When asked if Ortega Cano had also done something to her face, she answered flatly: “My husband has done nothing to his face. What it does is put on a lot of cream. ”

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