Wed. Nov 20th, 2019

Hugo negotiates to tell his truth about Adara ('GH VIP')

The confessions produced this Thursday during the tenth gala of
Big Brother VIP
They have resulted in an avalanche of comments from all sides. Since the relationship between Gianmarco and Adara get closer by the nomination and final expulsion of Italian, many programs of Telecinco They have been nourished by this plot to occupy minutes.

Among them,
Ana Rosa's program
, where his collaborator Miguel Ángel Nicolás himself has affirmed that Hugo Sierra, Adara's boyfriend, is negotiating a bulky economic offer to tell how he has lived the issue. As he pointed out, Hugo “is waiting for a good offer to tell everything"

"He is waiting for a good offer to arrive"

Will we see soon in Saturday Deluxe to Hugo? And, after the last events, “Hugo Sierra considers his relationship with Adara broken" Some facts that have been set in the house of Guadalix de la Sierra and that have exploded this week. The strongest: Adara's sentence confessing that she is in love with Gianmarco.

"You're in love?"Master Joao asked his companion in an unexpected turn of events and after a dramatic night, with tears included, he ended up with the two participants of GH VIP sleeping together

"Hugo considers his relationship with Adara broken"

Adara did not want to answer her friend, but the smile that the inhabitant of the house of Guadalix de la Sierra had showed the obvious. Even so, she tried to change the subject to Joao without luck. At that point Adara couldn't take it anymore and He approached the Italian to confess everything: He was falling in love with him.

A long-awaited announcement that the host of the Telecinco reality show, Jorge Javier Vázquez, could not help but want to give voice to Hugo Sierra, Adara's boyfriend until then. But it was not. This I had decided not to attend the gala, but the presenter confirmed that Hugo "considers his relationship with Adara broken." Your statements, pending publication.

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