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Hudson Yards: New York opens neighborhood and has a hint of Spanish flavor | Economy

Hudson Yards: New York opens neighborhood and has a hint of Spanish flavor | Economy

New York opens neighborhood. The real estate complex is massive. It covers from 30th Street to 34th Street between 10th and 11th avenues on the island of Manhattan. Hudson Yards is imposing when viewed on entering New York City from neighboring New Jersey before taking the tunnel named after President Lincoln. To the point of having transformed the already congested profile of the city of skyscrapers. The most modern neighborhood of the largest American metropolis is also known as the Far West Side. It combines spaces for offices and luxury residences in six high buildings, with leisure areas, art and its own school.

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In the new neighborhood, crowned by skyscrapers, there are about twenty restaurants dedicated to the restoration, such as the Little Spain Market of the brothers Ferran and Albert Adriá with José Andrés, a pinch of Spanish cuisine in the new corner of New York. This one-time landing of such prominent figures that include Thomas Keller, David Chang and Michael Lomonaco is unprecedented in New York, a city that is already considered a global culinary mecca. Now it is reinforced. The impact on the economy and the pace of the city will therefore be significant since it will create twice as many jobs as the Amazon project in Long Island City.

Hudson Yards is the largest private project in the history of the United States. He is led by real estate giants Related Companies and Oxford Properties Group. The plot that occupies the Business and leisure complex was upgraded 14 years ago, when the then Mayor Michael Bloomberg bet for the city to host the Olympic Games. It was an inaccessible area for the public, which served as a train yard.

Hudson Yards
Hudson Yards REUTERS

A project that will be finished in 2022

In place of a sports stadium, and on the same terminal, this Friday opens the first phase of a project that when completed in 2022 is estimated to have mobilized at least 25,000 million dollars in investments. The space it occupies is already larger than the Rockefeller Center between Fifth and Sixth Avenue. It will double in size to the new World Trade Center in lower Manhattan.

The tallest building is the 30 Hudson Yards, of 395 meters. The ascending profile divides it when arriving at the top a triangular terrace, that will be inaugurated in 2020. Between its tenants it will have to the group of means Time Warner. The number 10, also of offices, includes a commercial space in which the food hall of Spanish products and will have among its tenants Coach and L'Oréal.

Betting on Spanish gastronomy

The Little Spain Market, developed by José Andrés and the Adrià brothers, is not a restaurant. It is a complex of restaurants, all dedicated to Spain. It occupies a space of 3,200 square meters on the ground floor of the building of number 10.

Firewood, one of the restaurants in Mercado Little Spain, owned by José Andrés and the Adrià brothers
Firewood, one of the restaurants in Mercado Little Spain, owned by José Andrés and the Adrià brothers

It is designed to recreate an open market and includes three restaurants -Leña, Mar and Spanish Diner- in which a menu with dishes made with Spanish products is offered. There are also a couple of bars dedicated to cocktails and a dozen tapas bars. From bravas to churros. The huge venue opens to the public on March 15. First, the Bar-celona cocktail bar, the grocery store and some of the more informal food kiosks will open. The rest of the restaurants will be incorporated until everything is underway in April. "We are bringing the culture of Spain to New York, the most delicious things from every corner of Spain," chef José Andrés said on Wednesday during a private press visit.

Offices and residential areas

The 55 Hudson Yards is also reserved for offices, while the 15 Hudson Yards is a residential building with direct access to the High Line, the elevated park that leads to the Meatpacking District and one of the most popular tourist attractions in the city. It accommodates 285 luxury apartments and 107 rental homes at affordable prices. The 35 Hudson Yards is a mixed one, combining hotel and residence.

The complex includes in its public park a 15-story sculpture named the New York Staircase. The architectural copper work has a zigzag spiral shape, composed of 2,500 steps. There is also a shopping center that hosts a hundred shops, including one of the Spanish Zara, and 25 restaurants among which the chefs Thomas Keller and David Chang stand out.

In April the cultural center The Shed will be inaugurated. The complex will have two hectares dedicated to green areas, where 200 trees will be planted. The great master of this real estate megaproject is tycoon Stephen Ross, owner of Related and patron of the Miami Dolphins. His fortune is estimated at 6,500 million and among the assets has the Sun Life stadium in Florida.

Hudson Yards: New York releases neighborhood and has a hint of Spanish flavor


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