March 7, 2021

Huawei | US may grant the company a new three-month extension – La Provincia

The Commerce Department ofU.Scould extend thepardon termgranted to the companyHuaweiand 68 of its non-US subsidiaries – which authorizes the Chinese manufacturer to carry out certain activities necessary for the maintenance of existing network operations and for the support of existing mobile services–for three more months.

So, the"temporary general license"It will be extended for an additional 90 days, sources familiar with this situation have been informed by the Reuters news agency. If so, this extension would renew this agreement that expires on August 19 and would allow the Chinese company to maintain existing telecommunications networks and offer software updates to the phones.Huawei.

The situation around this license has become a key piece of negotiation for the United States in its commercial relations with China. Even so, the decision to continue or not with the pardon of Huawei could change before the deadline next Monday.

The American president is expected,Donald Trump, and the Chinese president,Xi Jinping, talk about Huawei this weekend. The Chinese company is prohibited from buying parts and components from the United States to manufacture new products without the prior approval of the US Government.

The US Government blacklisted Huawei claiming that the Chinese company was involved in activities thatcould harm national securityor to the interests of the country's foreign policy.

The United States believes that smartphones or smartphones could be used by China to spy on Americans, accusations the company has repeatedly denied.


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