March 2, 2021

Huawei raises the blind of its macrotienda in Madrid after Trump lifted the veto | Economy

The good news for Huawei is linked. Just a few days after the United States lifted the veto decreed by Donald Trump to its networks and devices in the framework of the G20 summit held in Japan, the Chinese firm completes the opening of its largest store in the world outside China, on the Gran Vía in Madrid.

The new one flagship store Huawei, 1,100 square meters and two floors, will open its doors on Friday July 5 to customers, but this Thursday already shows the passers-by its impressive waterfall showcase, on whose drops of water you can read overprinted futuristic slogans and welcome to the city.

"We were clear that we wanted to be in the heart of the cities because, although we have a global vocation, we also want to be present as part of the city, so that when someone walks along the Gran Vía, they ask 'what are these people doing in Huawei?' and enter. " says Mariana Cherubini, director of retail (commercialization) of the Consumer Unit of Huawei Spain.

The executive says that the goal is to show the world that Huawei is not just another mobile salesman, but a company at the forefront of technologies such as 5G or Artificial Intelligence (AI). Therefore, on the first floor, there are practical demonstrations of AI, such as the recognition of objects, or data on the 5G networks of the Chinese firm.

Sales area of ​​the Huawei store.

Sales area of ​​the Huawei store.

Although what is most striking is the "complete" version of the symphony Unfinished, by Franz Schubert, composed of an artificial intelligence algorithm that has used the power of the Huawei 20 Pro one of the firm's mobile phones. The software analyzed the timbre, tone and other characteristics of the first two movements of the Symphony in B minor, D. 759, which the Austrian musician composed in 1822. From that information, the program generated a melody for the last two movements of the piece, which Schubert left incomplete.

It also surprises the spectacular flip-discs, with which the visitor is just upon entering the store, a blackboard formed by 12-millimeter plastic discs that rotate up to 40 times per second from one side to the other alternating between the color white and black, producing a small sound while they turn around. The software Developed, called Particles, allows people to see themselves on the screen, as well as interact with the graphics on the screen. When they pass the blackboard, it shows the Huawei logo again.

On the second floor, there is the sales area, where in addition to mobile phones you can find all kinds of devices such as speakers and screens, and the area of ​​smart homes (smarthome). There is also a room or forum where conferences or presentations of all kinds will be given. The store also wants to place special emphasis on photographs, one of the strengths of its smartphones, and will make periodic exhibitions with the photos taken by their most experienced clients.

The so-called Huawei Space, as they want to make known to the store, also includes a repair service that operates behind a glass screen, so you can see the arrangements live. Also, there is a customization area, in which in 10 minutes you can design the cover of a mobile to suit the tastes of the customer.

Some operators finalize the details of the Huawei store.

Some operators finalize the details of the Huawei store.

Rivalize with Apple

It is the first store of these characteristics that the manufacturer of Shenzhen installed outside of China, and will rival that of Apple in the Puerta del Sol, which exceeds in plant extension, but not in square meters of sale. The establishment of the apple brand has six floors and 6,000 square meters.

Huawei had planned to open its store on June 24, after more than a year and a half of work, but the consequences of Trump's announcement to include it in a blacklist, which followed the boycott announcement from Google of not supplying updates to your operating system to the new ones smartphones, caused an undated postponement of the opening.

Located at number 48 on the Gran Vía, in front of the Capitol cinema, the place was previously occupied by the British textile chain C & A, that closed for the competition in the same street of chains as Zara or Primark. Huawei also plans to open another flagship store in the Plaza de Cataluña in Barcelona next November, although its dimensions will be smaller, about 750 square meters.

Although all those responsible for Huawei Spain disassociate the opening of the store from the crisis due to Trump's veto, the truth is that they trust that it will help revitalize sales, which plummeted more than 50% at the end of May after the announcement. from Google that it would not provide updates to the new models. Huawei is the second world manufacturer with more than 200 million units sold in 2018 and the first in Spain. In the first quarter of the year, according to the IDC consultancy, Samsung sold 71.9 million mobile phones worldwide, representing a market share of 23.1%, while Huawei sold 59.1 million, which means a share of 19% and means selling almost 740,000 units a day.

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