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Image of the protest at the Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas airport. / EFE

Of the 1,300 passengers affected by the cancellations, 1,000 have already been relocated to other flights or alternative means of transport

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the airline
Iberia Express plans, this Monday, to operate
94 flights that he hopes will develop without incident, since they are all protected by the Resolution of Minimum Services.

These flights represent
90.4% of the flights scheduled for today, since the airline has canceled in advance and preventively 5 round trip flights (
1 to Gran Canaria, 1 to Malaga, 1 to Mallorca, 1 to Santiago and 1 to Seville) scheduled for today, with the aim of minimizing the impact on our customers.

Of the
1,300 passengers affected by these cancellations, 1,000 have already been relocated, either on other Iberia Express or Iberia flights or on other companies or alternative means of transport; and the rest have requested
bonus or refundor you are waiting to choose the option that suits you best, be it alternative transportation, reimbursement, bonus or change of date or route.

The priority of Iberia Express is none other than our customers and, therefore, at a time of maximum influx and in full return operation, the company has made the decision to
preemptively cancel flights so that we can look after their interests and ensure that they are provided with an alternative in advance.

Iberia Express
deeply regrets the inconvenience that this situation is causing our customers and we apologize for it. To do this, we have activated a flexibility plan that can be consulted at: *The flights reflected on this page are all flights not protected by the Minimum Services Regulation, this does not mean that they will be cancelled.

Once again we appeal to the responsibility of USO, the union that called the strike, to call off the strikes and commit to dialogue and not social confrontation, which does so much damage to Iberia Express workers, their customers and the future of the company.

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