May 30, 2020

How will dark mode be activated in the web version of Whatsapp? – The province

The current communications have little or nothing to do with those that existed before the emergence ofWhatsAppin 2009. This instant messaging applicationrevolutionized the world of smartphonesand brought millions of people around the world closer. Since then, the app has gained worldwide fame and gained millions of fans. So much so, that there are not a few who just buy a mobile phone the first thing they decide is to download the app fromWhatsApp.

As time has gone by, the application has been carrying out different changes and improvements and, increasingly, it has been granting agreater freedom of user customization.One of those modifications that have caused a furor has been the so-called‘dark mode’. A tool that reverses the way the app is displayed, going from a design with a light background with dark letters to a dark background with light letters.

Employing this alternative design, it is reducedvisual fatigue of the useron stage in low light, such as interior spaces. In addition, on an aesthetic level, many people opt for something less striking or strident. In case these advantages do not convince you, it should be remembered thattheconsumptionbattery that uses this mode is less,so it allows saving energy.

Activate it in the mobile version

In order to activate this dark mode on the mobile, which isavailable to all Android and iOS users,just go to the configuration settings section, where we will find this new option.

This is ‘Theme’ and can be found within the ‘Chats’ settings, just above ‘Background’. When clicking on the themes, three options appear from which to choose:‘System default’, ‘Light’, ‘Dark’.

When choosing ‘Dark’ the interface adopts a dark color palette, in gray tones. This change not only affects the background, but also the speech bubble and the typography.

Android 10 and iOS 13 users can use dark mode by enabling it in system settings.

Coming soon, in the web version

What many don’t know is that this dark designwe can use it soon also in the web versionWhatsApp, something very practical if during the pandemic ofcoronaviruswe have to spend long periods of time in front of the computer. And it is that, due to its success on mobile, the company has decided to extend this option to its web version.

In order to install it on your device, you must have the latest version updated on your computer, and you must carry out a process very similar to that of your mobile phone. Once on Whatsapp web, you will have to open the tab where you can read ‘Settings’, where a menu like that of the mobile app will be displayed, you will have to go to ‘themes’ and choose the white or dark mode.

The upgrade to enjoy dark modeno release date set yet, but it is expected that for the next few days there will be news or already appear as part of the menu.


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