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How to vote by mail in the general elections of April 28

Cómo votar por correo en las elecciones generales del 28 de abril

The absentee ballot is protected by law and, in particular, regulated by the Organic Law of General Electoral Regime (Loreg). The norm establishes that the term to request the vote by mail begins just when the cameras dissolve and the elections are summoned. Therefore, since last March 5, it is possible to request a vote in the face of the April 28 elections. The term ends next April 18, in this case in the middle of Holy Week.

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Mail request forms are available to citizens at post offices throughout Spain. Once the official model for requesting a vote by mail is filled out, the voter must personally deliver it, free of charge, at any post office. The applicant must provide the DNI, Passport or driver's license.

Once requested, the elector will receive, through a certified mail, all the necessary documentation so that she can cast her vote. Once the documentation has been received, the voter will present the official model envelope addressed to the polling station, which must contain the certificate of registration in the electoral census and the voting certificate in which the ballot will be included. The envelope must be completely closed and then sent as certified and urgent mail, also free of charge.

If you can not do this process in person because you are sick or have a disability, this situation must be accredited by an official medical certificate, which will be included with the mail request form. In this case, the process can be done by another person, who must be authorized by a notary.

Each elector can only be represented by an authorized person and each authorized person can only represent one elector. The post office clerk who formalizes the admission will collect all the documentation presented by the representative (power of attorney or consular and official medical certificate), for its remission to the Electoral Census Office, together with the request.

The process if you want to vote from abroad is more complex. The first step is to check if you are registered in the consulate and manage the registration otherwise. Depending on the date of registration, you will appear or not in the census. To check this, you have to consult the lists displayed in the consular office. If you are on the electoral roll, you can make the vote request through the corresponding form and receive the electoral documentation at the address. In this case, the term is extended until April 23.

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