Wed. Feb 19th, 2020

How to use WhatsApp on two phones at once – La Provincia

WhatsApp has been fully installed in our lives. In a matter of a few years, the most popular instant messaging application has completely conquered the market. Most of us already have amobile phoneWith this app installed and we use it at all times to communicate, either for personal or professional reasons.

However, some ‘tricks‘WhatsApp are not yet fully known by much of its users. One of them is the option that allows you to use the same number on two devices at the same time, something possible, but that requires you to know well how to do it.

There are two ways to get your WhatsApp account transferred to a second device, one of them through the WhatsApp Web functionality and the second one ‘rooting‘the two phones, with the security risk that this may entail.

We explain, step by step, what you should do to use each of them:

1. WhatsApp Web

– One of the two devices must have the WhatsApp app installed and the active account

– On the second device (mobile, tablet, iPad…), go to in your preferred browser and select, in settings, ‘desktop view’, ‘computer version‘or some equivalent option.

– Scan from the first device (in the optionWhatsApp Webof the WhatsApp app) theQR codethat appears in the second.

– The WhatsApp account of the first phone will be active and available on the second device.

2. Root (on two Android phones)

– Make sure the two phones are rooted.

– On device 1 (with WhatsApp account active) type* # 06 #, code with which you will know yourIMEI code.

– DownloadTitanium Backup, open it and accept the root permission.

– Save WhatsApp data (it will remain in sdcard / titaniumbackup) and copy it to your computer.

– In the second mobile, in addition to WhatsApp and Titanium Backup, you must installXposedYDonkey guard.

– Search WhatsApp in Donkey Guard. Go toSettings – Identityand select the ‘Device ID‘. Enter the IMEI of the other device below. Save and close Donkey Guard.

– Copy the Titanium Backup file from the first device. Paste it in the second. Restore Titanium Backup data.

– The WhatsApp account of the first device will be active and accessible in the second.


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