Fri. Feb 28th, 2020

How to tune our DTT step by step

The second blackout of the Digital Terrestrial Television It is already underway and does it on a large scale. More of 11 million Spaniards will be affected for this nNew antenization of their homes. This will allow the change of frequencies to leave the radio space free so that the new network can be implemented 5G of mobile telephony. Again, the DTT it becomes news leaving a total of 2,413 municipalities across the country will be affected from until March 3.

This is what entails the first shutdown of Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) frequencies. The rest of the antennas must also be re-tuned before June 30, and for this it is necessary to continue, Step by Step, a series of indications.

An installer prepares the DTT adaptation

An installer prepares the DTT adaptation

From we propose a small guide to not get lost in the new channel rescheduling of Digital Terrestrial Television. The steps to follow are those.

The first of all initially part of the cneighbors omunities. They will have to wear contact a registered installer to carry out the adaptation. However, it cannot be done by any neighbor on their own or individually, the person or persons in charge of contacting the installation company are: the property manager, or if there is none, the president of the community. From here and once the installer has proceeded with the adaptation, each user from his home will proceed to perform the following steps:

DTT channels that stopped broadcasting on May 6

DTT channels that stopped broadcasting on May 6

1. Turn on the TV or DTT receiver and press the ‘Menu’ key of the remote control.

2. Select the option ‘Installation’ or ‘Configuration’. Once located, press the Ok key.

3. Select the option of ‘Channel search’. Press the ‘Ok’ button again.

4. Select ‘Automatic search’ or ‘tune in to new channels’ and press the Ok button again.

5. Wait for the receiver to find all the channels and indicate that the search is complete. To place the channels in a specific order, you must locate the option to ‘Sort channels’ which appears after pressing the ‘Menu’ key again.

6. Exit the screen. If all the indications have been followed, you can start to see DTT.

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