How to take good care of a Samsung Galaxy Fold - La Provincia

The devicesamsung folding mobile, Galaxy Fold, began to be sold at the beginning of September, and little by little it is reaching more markets, therefore, from the company they have shared a series of recommendations to take good care of this equipment, whose price reaches 2,000 euros.

Galaxy Fold does not need additional protective sheets, as the company says, although to avoid damaging the screen it is advisable to make a"soft touch", without excessive pressure.

Also remember that the deviceIt is not resistant to water or dust,and alert about problems that can cause other objects, such as credit cards, the magnetic system that holds the two screens together when folded.

Samsung Galaxy FoldIt has begun to reach the market after the end of April the company decided to postpone the launch following a series of incidents reported on the screens by users who had been able to test it, to review and improve the terminal.

In these tests, after one day of use the device showed lumps, flickering and even complete screen breakage when a protective film was removed. Precisely, the screen and the hinge are the elements that have reinforced the company.

At the beginning of September, in the framework of the IFA fair in Berlin, Samsung announced that it would resume sales of Galaxy Fold, with its first arrival in South Korea, on September 6. Europe began arriving on the 18th of this month, andSpain will do it in mid-October.

For Europe, Galaxy Fold has a recommended price of 2,000 euros and 2,100 euros for the 5G version.


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