How to take advantage of Google tools to plan your vacations | Technology

How to take advantage of Google tools to plan your vacations | Technology

Are you planning to go on vacation during these Christmas holidays? You may find it convenient to know or review some of the services that Google makes available to get information if you travel somewhere. For a few years, the technological giant has included the development of tools applicable to the tourism sector among its bets. And it already offers features ranging from suggestions on places to visit or tours to schedule, to recommendations of restaurants and cafes where you can try local food and hang out, through a flight search engine and one of hotels. With a computer or a mobile device, arranging a visit or a field trip can be a matter of a few minutes.

To access the page where Google collects much of this information at once, it is sufficient to put the name of a city, or a region, in the search engine. Once the search has been carried out, both the web version and the mobile version appear among the first results the icon of a compass, accompanied by the indication travel Guide. When you click on that link, it will open like this Google Travel, the company's portal for tourists.

If it is indicated as a destination, for example, Paris, the first thing that appears is a general description of the city, with the indication of some of its symbols and their most characteristic aspects. Then, you can open a section with suggestions of things to do, for example a visit to the Louvre Museum or a walk in the Champs Elysees, which include evaluations and comments from Google users that were already in those places. There is also a section where plans are recommended that can be done in a day (for example, a tour along the banks of the Seine). If a region is searched, for example, Patagonia (Argentina), a section with suggestions of specific destinations located in that area is also generated.

This travel search also includes other information, such as the average temperatures and rainfall of a specific town in each month or the popularity of that destination according to the time of year. You can also open a section that contains YouTube videos starring people who have already visited the site.

A service recently added by Google, available for the US, is a page that allows you to see the price trend to travel to certain sites in some holiday periods

There are indications of possible routes that include other locations located in the same area of ​​the chosen destination or other cities in the same country. In addition, if you indicate a place and the period in which you plan to travel there, as well as preferences about air travel or the quality of the hotel you want, the same service offers price estimates.

In Google Travel you can also find the links to two other services of the technological giant already available for some years: the flight search engine and that of hotels. The first offers both the free search option, which includes different filters to make it more effective, as well as suggestions depending on the user's starting location, illustrative graphics of the prices according to the time of year, comparative tables of the different offers and the indication of alternative nearby airports.

The second is a tool integrated directly into the search engine generated (when typing the word hotel) and Google Maps. It has different filters incorporated, for example to sort the search according to prices or the valuation of other users. A few months ago, the company enhanced the search tools for travelers in the mobile version. Both the exploration part of places, as well as flights and hotel facilities, as well as a section that reminds the user of trips already scheduled and suggests other potential ones, are included in the same page.

Some more tools

Google Maps can also provide different information for a tourist who has just arrived at a place he does not know. Both in the web version and in that it is designed for mobile devices, this service includes indications about facilities such as hotels, restaurants, bars or cafes. This type of data is found when selecting the option Explore in the application for smartphone or by searching the corresponding icons for each of these sectors in the menu that appears on the left in the web version.

A few days ago, Richard Holden, vice president of Google Travel, remembered in a post some functionalities for recently developed travelers. Among them, the manager pointed out a tool, incorporated into the flight search engine, which uses artificial intelligence to predict if a flight will be delayed. It is enough to put in the generic search engine the number of the flight or the route and the name of the company to visualize a section that indicates estimations on the state of the flight.

Holden says that Google's assistant is also able to show predictions of flight delays and can directly answer questions about it. "In the coming weeks the assistant will proactively notify us if we predict the delay of a flight and will explain the reason for it in the event that we get to know it", adds the representative of the technological giant. Another service recently added by Google, available for the US, is a page that allows you to see the price trend to travel to certain sites in some holiday periods scheduled throughout the year.

For those who wish to obtain more detailed information about the destination of their trip, Google has developed the Google Trip application. In addition to some of the tools described above, this service contains further information on specific aspects of the places you want to know, or areas such as local foods and customs, nightlife or shopping areas. Thanks to the possibility of accessing the user's Gmail account (an option that can be disabled), the app is already aware of the trips it has booked. It is possible to download some content to view them offline both this app and Google Maps.


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