April 19, 2021

How to survive if we are robbed of cash and cards abroad

How to survive if we are robbed of cash and cards abroad

According to the number of operations, the highest rate of fraud in purchases occurs with Spanish bank cards on foreign land, in accordance with the Annual Report on the Payment Systems Surveillance of the Bank of Spain. Specifically, in cash withdrawals at foreign ATMs. This, together with the plagues of pickpockets that many big cities suffer, adds a fatal cocktail that can make us see ourselves in a situation where we would never want to see ourselves: be without cash or cards outside of Spain. Luckily it is possible to survive this unpleasant situation, the financial comparator HelpMyCash.com tells us the alternatives.

Free alternatives to get money out of Spain

First of all, The first thing we have to do is cancel the cards through the phones provided by our bank or mobile applications. So the thief can not use them. In addition, it is always advisable to go to a police station to denounce the fact.

To get money without cards and without cash we have six options to go according to our situation. If we travel with friends, the easiest way is that they pay our expenses or take out cash for us and make them a Bizum. This application of sending money instantly between phones is available in virtually all banks operating in Spain. The BBVA Online Account Go wave current account of ImaginBank they are two current accounts whose holders can use this service.

The second option is pay with your mobile through applications such as Google Pay, Apple Pay or Samsung Pay. We must bear in mind that, if a card is canceled, we can not use it through our mobile phone either. This option is feasible only if we have several cards associated with the application and, for example, some of them we have left at home or at the hotel and they have not stolen it, but we do not carry it either. The OpenDebit debit card from OpenBank and the Bankia ON credit card They offer Samsung Pay, Google Pay and Apple Pay.

To get cash an alternative is sending money to an ATM with the Hal-Cash service. It is a service that we can find in entities such as Bankinter, Abanca, ING or Evo Banco and that allows us ourselves through the app of our entity or another person send money to an ATM that we can get through a code that will come through an SMS. This service is available in Spain, Poland and India and will soon be in Mexico and the United States. So just being of these entities and traveling to these countries we can use this alternative.

Other alternatives with an additional cost

Another more expensive alternative would be to go to credit cards, since in case of theft many of them offer a service of "sending money urgently" in cases of emergencies like a robbery Although this alternative in most cases has an additional commission and the money usually takes between 24 and 48 hours.

The fifth alternative is go to money sending companies so that a friend or relative can send us to the office to ask for the cash we need to return to Spain. This option will also have the service cost of these companies.


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