How to share lottery dimes by WhatsApp safely, Lotera Navidad 2018

How to share lottery dimes by WhatsApp safely, Lotera Navidad 2018

Play atChristmas lottery A long time ago, it was no longer one, as many take advantage of the Extraordinary Draw on December 22 to share the gifts with friends, coworkers or relatives. It is a way to understand the Lotera and also serves so that, in case it touches the 'Gordo', luck reaches all households.

Three out of four Spaniards who buyLotter share it with other people. Now, with the advance of technologies, traditional paper tickets are being relegated, giving more importance to other digital media, be theysocial networks or instant messaging systems like WhatsApp, according to the DAS Group.

WhatsApp has 22 million users in Spain, 45% of the population, which is the country as European leader in the use of the tool. This tool, able to put people in contact with thousands of kilometers in contact, allow this Christmasunite the families or friends who continue with the tradition of playing the same number among all.

However, from the DAS Group they warn that some precautions must be taken so that WhatsApp is considered as a reliable and apt test that proves our participation in a number that is graceful.

Steps to follow

First, it is recommendedcreate a specific group for the Christmas raffleand what are the contacts that participate in the number. In addition,you have to send an image of the number that is played, where all the data of the tenth are clearly visible.

The person who is considered the 'depositary' must be indicated in a message, that is,the one that guard the tenth.However, the group consists of people we trust, so, in case it touches us,"We will always have the identification of the people who make up the group and participate in the number."

On the other hand, and although it might seem distrustful, it is advisable to keep the messages of the group andsend them to the email to safeguard the informationin case of possible setbacks with the mobile device or possible errors in the application.

The depositary must take some precautionary measures, since it is not only responsible for the proportional amount of acquisition of the number, but alsoof the prize that I could play.For this reason, it is recommended that the depositary, in case of loss of the tenth,file a complaint with the police authorities, identifying the number, the series and the fraction.


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