Fri. Apr 19th, 2019

How to sell an apartment without losing money in record time

Cómo vender un piso sin perder dinero en tiempo récord

The data on housing in Spain continues to grow. So far this year, this 2019 prices have increased by more than 5% in provincial capitals, according to the Real Estate Sector Trends Report of the Appraisal Company. And this translates into good news for all those who are thinking of selling their apartment.

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When it comes to liquidating a home, two factors are fundamental: time and money. And although the motives may be diverse, such as wanting to buy another one, a city transfer, a separation or an economic need, this operation can be a headache. That's why you have to start with the most basic, hitting the sale price.

This 2019 housing prices have risen more than 5%

Knowing the state of the real estate market is not only about knowing that the cost of housing has gone up. it implies conduct a thorough study to know the prices of land in the city, the district and the neighborhood where the property to be sold is located. But what about the competition? It is important to take into account the value of other neighboring houses in the same situation and, if you can, find out how long they have been for sale.

Now that the first part of the work is done, which will have taken a lot of the time, it's taxing and three things can happen. Put a price above the value of the property, put a price below what is really worth the floor or, hopefully, hit right and hit the 'fair price', explains Jesus Perez, CMO Prontopiso.

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The disadvantages of the first are the loss of time and money. An exaggerated amount can cause the delay in the sale, so the months will pass without any buyer arriving that fits the desired. And, consequently, the interested party will end up decreasing the offer losing time and money.

In the second case, if the price is lower it is likely to sell quickly and not waste time, but surely you will lose money. The last option, the most complicated, is estimate the home in the most adjusted price according to the market. And this will have meant a lot of time spent investigating and preparing the property.

The Prontopiso tool values ​​a property taking into account all the variants of the real estate market

To avoid all these minute processes appeared Prontopiso, "to make the individual who puts his house for sale do it with the peace of mind that the price is right", Points out Jesús Pérez. A tool to assess real estate whose algorithm considers all the variants in real time.

Therefore, it could be said that a fourth option is born: delegate the management of the sale in Prontopiso
. The seller will only have to make the decision and not worry, forget about the procedures. The real estate is responsible for doing it for the individual, thus avoiding the anguish that this type of operations entail.

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Because they care about people to the point of being able to advance the agreed sales amount, in case any unforeseen event arises. Because as you summarize your CMO, "with Prontopiso you will not waste your time or your money" So that the sale of a floor is nothing more than that, sell a floor.

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