How to see my income tax return




Since the campaign of the
statement of income,
the last April 7, corresponding to the year 2020, many citizens have already completed this procedure. But how can you see your income tax return? Here we explain it step by step.

1. Enter the Tax Agency website, click on the option 'Computer queries' and from the' tabConsultation of filed returns', which include the formalities of all the presentation models, it is possible to recover both the proof of presentation and a copy of the declaration How to download the BOE file of the filed return.

2. Depending on the model you want to consult, you can identify yourself with the DNIe or electronic certificate, PIN code, just like him rent reference number (for models 100 and 714). All three forms of access are simple. In this way, you can also find statements from previous years.

However, the mandatory data to make the query are the Tax ID of the declarant, the model and the exercise, although you can add other additional filters such as the period or date and time range.

3. The '' tabConsultation of declarations' It has several fields to enter the data of the search that you want to do to find the statement. Press the 'Search' button to locate the files that match your search criteria.

4. As you search, the results will appear below the search fields. Press the 'View' button for each column to access the receipt and copy of the declaration or the download of the file, which will come in plain text TXT format. It will have by name the receipt number and the date and time of download. And ready! In this way you can access the data of your
statement of income.

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