September 21, 2020

How to repair a damaged USB – The Province

The most likely thing is that at some other time you have found yourself with the unpleasant situation of connecting aUSBto a computer, this gives error. Because thetechnologymany timesIt does not work as we would likeand, even if we treat things with care, they can be spoiled at the most inopportune moment.

And is that thependriveswavesexternal cardsthey are of those devices that if they break down or give an error they can make you lose valuable files for your work, study or personal life. For that reason, here we bring you a series oftricks to repair a damaged USB.

Try plugging it into another port

It may seem obvious, but many times we become blind that the problem is in the pendrive when it is not. When trying to repair a damaged USB, the first thing you should do is try to connect it to another USB port (if there is more) to see if it works. Another option formake sure it works or not is to connect it to another computer.

Identify the problem

First of all you must identify why your USB does not work. It is not the same as the device has beenwet or broken, that has not beenretired in safe mode, that the computer has been turned off while you were using it, that you have a problem in the software, and so on. And is that depending on the degree of damage, you can get some or other results.

Use the error checking tool

Windows includes this tool by default on their computers. Is used forfind errors that may be in the USBand repair them automatically. The process can take from seconds to a few minutes, depending on the type of memory that is and its capacity. With a little luck, this tool will getrepair your damaged USB

Repairs the damaged USB using CMD

Another option to try to repair a damaged USB without formatting it isuse the CMD consoleof Windows. For this you will have to connect the pendrive to the computer and open the command line by pressing the keysWindows + Rand writing 'cmd' You can also access this console by clicking on the Windows start button and typing the same letters orclicking on Start and Run.

At this moment you will see a black MS-DOS window in which you will have to write 'chkdsk / x / f D:'(all without quotes). In this case D is the letters corresponding to theunit assigned to the USB on that computer,so you would have to change it to F :, G: or the one that appears on your computer. Then you just have to press enter and let the CMD console analyze the error memory for errors and try to repair them.

Use a data recovery software

To try to repair a damaged USB quickly and without eating too much head, you can try downloading a data recovery program.Recuva, DiskDigger, Drisk Drill or EaseUS Data RecoveryThey are some of the most used.

When installing these programs on your computer, you just have to open them and, with the USB connected, follow the steps to recover the files.

When everything else fails

If at this point you have not gotrecover files from your damaged USB, you can try to format the pendrive. In this way you will lose the data stored in it, but you can get the USB memory to work again (as long as the damage is not due to a reader failure or some other physical problem).

To repair a damaged USB by formatting it you shouldopen the Equipment window(in Windows), select the pendrive drive, right click on it and select the Format option. Now we have to wait until the process is completed and eject your memory or card.

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