How to put bold on WhatsApp? – The province

Una imagen de una persona utilizando WhatsApp.

The instant messaging applicationWhatsappit does not stop in its updates and evolutions. Every once in a while a new option surprises its users. However, this time we pick up an option from the old application, but still unknown to many.

And that is, WhatsApp offers the possibility ofwrite in bold, in italics or even with the letter crossed out.But how do you do it?

The five text options offered by WhatsApp.

To highlight a bold text you must put an asterisk * at the beginning of the sentence and close it with another asterisk at the end. For example: for *write in bold* use the asterisks.

On the other hand, if you prefer to write in italics you must use the low bar at the beginning and at the end of the sentence:italicize_ use the low bar.

If you prefer to cross out a text, you have to do the same as in the previous occasions but between virgulillas: for ~write in strikethrough~ use the virgulilla.

Finally, WhatsApp also offers us the opportunity to change typography, although only to a monospaced letter. To carry it out, you have to write the phrase with three single quotes at the beginning and another three at the end: for '' 'write in monospace'' 'use the single quotes.

However, writing with so many special symbols can be somewhat cumbersome. Therefore, the app has facilitated these actions through thedrop-down menu of actions. Thus, if we write any phrase, we can keep the finger pressed on the words until the menu where the options of 'copy' and 'paste' appear. Along with these options you can choose if you want it to appear in bold, in italics, in strikethrough or in monospaced.


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