January 20, 2021

How to pay less light?

Carrying out seven OCU councils and Lucera reduces spending by € 136 per year per household

The OCU (Organization of Consumers and Users) and Lucera, an energy marketing company, have carried out a consumption monitoring of the Clear 2.0 project of the European Union. 650 households participated in it, of which their habits and consumption were studied.

The results indicated a reduction in spending in € 136 per year in each family if seven tips apply, which would mean saving 2,477 million euros in Spain if all the families did it.

The recommendations are as follows:

  • Use led bulbs, take the opportunity to change the ones that are founded: saving 60 euros / year.
  • Wash clothes with water at less than 40 ° C: savings of 16 euros / year.
  • Turn off the lights when you leave the room: savings of 16 euros / year.
  • Take advantage of natural light, removing blinds and curtains: savings of 16 euros / year.
  • Kitchen with pans adapted to size of fire: saving of 14 euros / year.
  • put the dishwasher in the Eco program, less than 60 ºC: saving of 9 euros / year.
  • Don’t put hot food in the fridge, wait until it has tempered: 5 euros / year.


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