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Everyone has had to reinvent themselves. Everyone has had to come up with new ways of working, not just from teleworking. The stoppage, suspension, postponement, cancellation of major competitions in the world of sport and, therefore, their live broadcasts, by television or radio, They have changed the life and way of doing television and radio around the world, but, especially, in Spain, a pioneering country, not only in having endless and often followed nightly programs, well, early-morning sports, but with weekends. of more than 14 hours of live radio as Paco González and his 'Play Time' usually do on Cadena COPE, on Saturdays and Sundays.

Movistar, Mediapro, COPE and SER, two television and two radio media that monopolize, daily, the attention of millions and millions of fans, have not only had to modify their programming but to change their customs, their habits and, of course, their way of working. As for the content of their programs, the televisions have used the imagination and, above all, their huge files, reducing to the maximum, well, some of them, such as GOAL, entirely, the news and live discussions, and the radios try to mix all kinds of information and entertainment, along with gatherings where regular collaborators talk about everything a little.

At the COPE headquarters in Madrid, every day is an open day. That is to say, all the doors of the newsroom and even of the studios are wide open so that no one has to open them and can catch the door knob. "Here", explains Paco González, "everyone has their own micro and only works with that micro. We keep the programming on top because they are days of a lot of radio consumption, to the beast, so much so that, last Saturday, we beat all the records, also television, yes, audience. " González, who has always defended that they are "the radio family of millions of Spaniards", affirms that listeners want to know what it is and what happens "to the people they hear every day, to the people who believe and love".

COPE couples

It is evident that everyone has taken precautions and serious precautions. For example, Manolo Lama, one of the stars of COPE, is quarantining a room in his house where he has a direct line installed, fiber optic, to go out on the radio "because my problem is that, before the alarm status was decided , I had been in contact, through my professional trips and various broadcasts, with many people, especially athletes, who, later, some have tested positive ". No family member comes into Lama's room ("my wife leaves the food for me at the door and I take it"), but the journalist continues to do his newscast for the night and participate in the evening gatherings.

"What we have done," explains González, "is that each news presenter or nightly program has its double. If I am, Heri Frade is not there; if Juanma Castaño is, Joseba Larrañaga is not and if there is Manolo (Lama), there is no Isaac Fouto and, thus, if one falls, we are supposed to have a healthy substitute to continue programming. "González assures that this crisis will, perhaps, make generalist listeners switch to sports programs" which are usually much more fun than the others, even when we talk about serious things like this damn coronavirus. "

Laura Martínez, head of Sports at SER, narrates, more or less, a similar situation. In this case, Laura says that "often, especially the first days of this serious crisis, we had to give up our spaces, that is, our hours of Sports, to the various press conferences of the government officials." But, immediately, the SER returned, reducing something, not much, to its usual spaces, to the day-to-day sports with the Carousel, by Dani Garrido, and El Larguero, by Manu Carreño to the fullest, as well as the SER Deportivo, from ' Pacojo 'Francisco José Delgado and Hora 25 Deportes, by Jesús Gallego.

SER and coronavirus

Laura says that "as it happens with the coronavirus" every morning the situation changes. "We met, first thing in the morning, the different heads of the various areas and decided on the schedule for the day, but prioritizing everything that is of general interest to our listeners and trying to tell the crisis of the sports sector in the most diverse and entertaining as possible, which is not easy. " Of course, Laura says, with many people at home working remotely "but fully, as it should be."

"Mediapro and, especially, its GOL channel, has canceled its live programs until the return of the competitions and is committed to reliving some of the most outstanding matches in the history of LaLiga, in an exercise of responsibility and with the aim of taking extreme all precautions for the Covid-19 virus pandemic, "explains Iván Justel, head of communication and social media for the group. "We do not have a First League, but neither a Second, a futsal nor a female one, and that means that not only do we not have live soccer, but the indispensable material from which the rest of the informative and debate programs are nourished", he adds Justel.

Repeat the big events

Mediapro, which also supplies two channels to Movistar, LaLiga and the Champions League, has Francesc Carbonell, GOL director; Jordi Domínguez, head of content and Alberto Ayora, head of programming, turning the programming all day long, trusting in the attractiveness of the stories and testimonies of some legends of Spanish football that appear in '90 years of stories' or in the entertainment formats UBEAT like 'Hoy No Se Sale', in which Ibai Llanos, Bruno Kapo and Gabriel Chachi present the most naughty interviews with very special guests.

"Viewing the channel 24/7, that is, 24 hours, seven days a week, will continue to be available," says Justel, "through goltelevisió and GOL's social networks (twitter, facebook, Instagram, YouTube and TikTok) and 'EL GOLAZO DE GOL' will continue to offer exclusive content and all the details of the programming on time and through different platforms, supports and formats ".

It goes without saying that whoever tries to make the break notice less "or as little as possible, which is very, very, difficult," is Movistar, according to Juan Andrés García Ropero, head of sports for the channel that millions of fans watch. sports. 'Bropi', as everyone calls him and knows, explains that, apart from organizing the writing in turns or groups "to always have someone healthy to appear on the screen", they are managing to maintain, live and direct, although somewhat reduced (from one hour to 30 minutes) the newsletter at 8:30 pm, usually presented by Susana Guasch.

García Ropero explains that they try to make a mix of current affairs, repetition of great matches and competitions to which they have rights (League, Italian Serie A, Bundesliga, French League, ACB, NBA, NFL, rugby, athletics ...) and also, also, to premiere own programs and documentaries and, even, acquired from other televisions, such as the North American ESPN. "In 'Robinson Report', we are going to broadcast very interesting things like 'The Others', 'Soccer and Racism', 'Ruined Soccer Players' ... documentaries of our own production and, I insist, of other televisions. For example, we will make a simil Maradona-Messi, with the documentary 'Fútbol Club Maradona' and a special 'Messi in Barcelona', 'Del Buitre a Raúl', two extraordinary programs about the no less extraordinary boxers Manny Pacquiao and the legendary Muhammad Ali, as well as wonderful interviews from 'Universo Valdano 'With Iñaki Williams, Rakitic, Modric, Lepetegi € we will try to ensure that all our viewers have a good time. "

But Movistar, on its different platforms, not only on Vamos, its reference channel, is going to also release new things along with historical international documentaries about the Navratilova-Evert pulse, myths like Michael Jordan or Ayrton Senna. "For example", ends by counting 'Bropi', "we are going to premiere a program that makes us very excited, presented by Amaya Valdemoro (basketball player) and Teresa Perales (Paralympic swimmer), titled 'Konnichiwa Tokio', that is, 'Hello Tokyo', in which many sports will be discussed, of the possible medalists, of athletes who go to the Games for the first time, which hopefully! they are made, and we will even talk about 'intimate enemies', about the great rivalries ".


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