January 28, 2021

How to organize your mobile with the method of Marie Kondo – The Province

This 2019 is being, without a doubt, the year ofMarie Kondo. Although the guru of order published eight years ago 'The magic of order', it has not been until now that his method has become known globally.

Last January the Japanese saw how her series'To order with Marie Kondo!'it became a worldwide success. So much so thatMarie Kondowas one of the guests inthe last gala of the Oscars.

In her books and her series Marie Kondo offers simple tips forkeep your homeorganizedand well clean, something that for many is a challenge.

ButKonMari methodthat has made the guru so famous does not have to be used alone in the house. His advice can be extrapolated to organize other things and aspects of our lives as everyday as our ordained or our 'smartphones'.

Marie Kondo on the red carpet at the Oscars 2019. REUTERS

Organize the entire mobile at once

When you order the house with the KonMari method you do it all at once to haveimmediate resultsand motivate you So, why not do the same with the 'smartphone'? Do not think that with organizing the applications is enough, once you start ordering everything you have in your 'smartphone' ('apps', photos, videos, notifications …)the best thing is not to stop.

Stay only what makes you happy

This is the key that has returned to the method ofMarie Kondoso popular: save only that which helps usto find happiness.In the case of the phone, try to create a folder on your phone that is called 'sparks of joy' and start to store in them everything that makes you happy.

For example, stay with the photos of a particular trip or event, with your favorite songs, and so on. To make it easier for you, it is best to focus on what you want to stay and not on what you want to eliminate.

If you downloaded an application and have not used it for a while,do not keep it "just in case".If you are no longer excited to open that game that you downloaded a few months ago, the best thing is that you get rid of it without regard. This way you will not only put your phone in order, but you will also release a lotstorage space.

Stay only with the 'apps' that make you happy. Shutterstock

Do it by categories

Thedocuments, thePhotoswavescontact foldersthey can be the categories in which we must organize our things and of which Marie Kondo speaks in her book. Before you start ordering the files that have been left on your mobile after throwing away what does not make you happy, divide them by categories to know what you really have in each of them.

Place each file in the place that corresponds to it

Once you have divided everything by categories, start ordering them by placing each of them in the place that corresponds. As in the house, in the case of smartphones you can create folders in whichdistribute downloads or files.For example, divide your applications betweensocial networks, games or work topics.

In the case of email, you can try to separate your emails between those that you have yet to answer and those that do not.


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