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Many people take advantage of vacations to make pending arrangements such as renewing the driving license, ID card, passport … But taking photos of the card is usually one of those tasks for whichWe never found a hole.

For this reason, being able to make them from your own smartphone speeds up the whole process as long as they are done in an optimal way.IOS and Android applicationsThey allow you to make and edit your selfies so that they can be accepted as a graphic document when putting your personal documents in order.

What applications are used to take photos of your card?

If you are an iOS user you can download the applicationPhotography for Passport (iOS); If you are from Android, you can use the appPassport ID Photo Maker Studio.Both have cutting and editing tools, as well as a silhouette to place you to make your own photo with your mobile phone.

In addition, you can choosetemplates with measurementsof the images required in the official documents of multiple countries, including Spain. They also havecolor editorto correct the shadows and contrasts of photography. It is a simple and quite intuitive process that facilitates obtaining the images for the card.

This is how the Passport ID Photo Maker Studio is used

How should you take photos with your mobile phone?

In order for the photographs that you take to be admitted to any official body, you must first be clear about the requirements that are requested in theDNI images, of the passport and driver's license.

  • Photogaphyrecentin color of the face
  • Size:32 by 26 millimeters
  • Backgrounduniform, smooth and clear
  • Photographyfront with the head uncovered, without glasses of dark glasses, handkerchiefs, caps, etc.

Choose a white or clear wall background that can be easily retouched with the editing programs, look at the camera frontally and avoid putting any pose.

When you have your photograph, you mustcut it out with official stockingsusing any image editing application.

The last step is to print the images. If you do not have a Wi-Fi printer, save the file in a pen drive and go to any establishment with it or go to theclassic printing kiosksof pictures using Bluetooth.


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