How to make the purchase in the supermarket avoiding contagions

You have to go only for what is really needed

Going to the supermarket is one of the situations that It allows the state of alarm that we live. Supermarkets have taken a series of measures to try to stop the coronavirus. The most important is hygiene. Supermarket employees continuously disinfect shelves, boxes, baskets and carts. Many of the workers wear gloves and masks.

As for what to do the consumer when buying in a supermarket you have to follow the logic and the recommendations that have been given by both the government and the supermarkets themselves.

-Go shopping only when necessary. It is useless to go today for tomato and tomorrow for lentils.

-Avoid the hours when supermarkets are busiest. We must flee from the crowds that can occur in stores.

-Use gloves to catch fruits and vegetables that are sold in bulk. Situation that before the coronavirus should also be done.

-Wash your hands before and after going to the shop following the recommendations regarding time.

-Pay with card.

-Do not take a product and look at the label for example, and put it back on the shelf.

-Save the recommended distances 1 meter between people. Many supermarkets have placed a strip on the floor where the queue is made to go through the box.

-Supermarkets will not return products during the coronavirus crisis.

Many supermarkets have altered their opening hours. This is the case of Mercadona, Aldi, Lidl, Carrefour. Lidl also limits access capacity for 50 people.


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