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The new electricity rate It came into force on Tuesday, June 1 and affects about 10 million users who take advantage of the Voluntary Price for the Small Consumer (PVPC). With this new system, the Ministry of Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenge led by Teresa Ribera, fourth vice president of the Government, aims to promote energy savings, efficiency, self-consumption and the deployment of electric vehicles, among others.

One of the most characteristic aspects to regulate electricity consumption in Spain and that has aroused the most interest among the population are the new time slots. Now it’s not that important how much is spent but when.

We can distinguish three periods in which the cost of electricity will be different:

Rush hours: Rush hours range from 10.00 hours until 14.00 hours and from 18.00 hours until 22.00 hours. SThey are the most expensive, coinciding with the periods of highest energy consumption.

Flat hours: The flat hours will have average prices and will go from 8.00 hours until 10.00 hours, from 14.00 hours until 18.00 hours and from 22.00hours until 00.00 hours.

Valley hours: Off-peak hours are the cheapest and correspond to night hours, from 00.00 hours and the 8.00 hours. They will also have this rate on weekends and holidays.

Price of electricity per hour

Although we all already know which time slots are cheaper to put the washing machine or iron, for example, it is true that there are daily fluctuations in the price of electricity. To find the price of each hour of the day there are different alternatives:

Red Eléctrica website

To find out the price of electricity every hour, users can go to the portal eSIOS (System Operator Information System) and go to the tab ‘
PVPC active energy billing term
‘. From this link you can consult the prices of the day or of the previous days in the peninsula, the Canary Islands, the Balearic Islands and the autonomous cities of Ceuta and Melilla.

Screenshot of the eSIOS web page
Screenshot of eSIOS web page – eSIOS

By clicking on a point on the graph that appears on the screen, it will be possible to know the price in euros per kilowatt hour (kWh).

RedOS mobile application

Another method to know the price of electricity every hour using the mobile application of the Red Eléctrica RedOS, which is available both in Apple’s Sotre App and in Google Play for Android.

Once the application is downloaded to the device, it is necessary to identify yourself as a consumer and access the option ‘Retail prices‘, where it is possible to see the prices of each hour and the maximum and minimum of the day in Spain.

In section ‘Breakdown‘, the price appears for each hour and how it is composed, that is, what part of it is due to the wholesale market, what part to tolls, charges and regulated costs and what part to the adjustment market.

it’s possible see dates and times exactas indicating it at the bottom of the screen.

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