April 10, 2021

How to know thanks to Google if someone searches for your name on the web – La Provincia

Google nos avisa si alguien busca nuestro nombre en Internet.

At present any doubt that we have solve it in a matter of seconds thanks toGoogle; from the name of the director of that movie that we like so much, to low calorie recipes or ideas to decorate the room.

We also use it to know more about someone (their curriculum, their social networks …) or even, to discoverwhat the network offers about our profile, about ourselves.

And, who does not itch the bug to know who is interested in our life? Now, thanks to Google,we can know instantly if someone has typed our name on the Internet.

Steps to follow

The first thing we must do to schedule the alerts is to have a Google account of our own. Next, we must go to the web of 'Alerts'where we will configure the parameters we want.

We must introduce ourname and surname in the search engine(Being logged into our account, Google will complete our name and also show our mail).

Then it will only beNecessary to adjust alert settings. Among the variables to be changed are: the frequency of notices (every time it occurs, maximum once a day …), the sources (blogs, news, forums, videos, books …), the language, the region or the quantity.

Finally, we must introduceour email address where all notices will be sentevery time someone types our name on the Internet.

This alert service is also very useful to control what is said of our company, brand, trade … following the same steps.


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