Fri. Feb 28th, 2020

How to know if I am on a list of delinquents?

Appearing on a list of delinquents is not difficult, or at least this is demonstrated by the data provided by the Tax and Tax Agency. According to its latest report, Spain has a portfolio of defaulters of 4,028 taxpayers they owe near 14,100 million euros as of June 2019. The names of recognized characters get the attention, as is the case of the presenter Patricia Conde, with a debt of 1.8 million euros; the motorcyclist Sito Pons, with another 1.9 million euros of debt; and the former vice president of the Government Rodrigo Rato, whose debt reaches 1.01 million. These are the steps to check if your name appears on a list of defaulters.

For non-payment of a receipt, fee or debt

It is essential to keep all payments up to date. According to the Law, when our data becomes part of a list of delinquents, we must be informed by certified letter within a maximum period of 30 days within which we can rectify or cancel the default to avoid becoming delinquent.

Request access to databases

If it is the case, by mistake, that the entry on the blacklist of delinquency is not notified by letter, in Spain there are several files in which the data can be consulted. The main ones are ASNEF, CIRBE and RAY. Each of them requires documentation to be able to access the database Through its website.

Once checked, know the rights

Any person included in the delinquent file has fundamental rights: those of access, rectification, cancellation Y opposition, known as “ARCO rights”. The right of access guarantees that a citizen can access information regarding creditors, their telephone numbers and the amounts of the debt. The file must return this information within 30 days. Following this, the right of rectification allows the affected party to correct the errors, modify the data and guarantee the accuracy of the information. The deadline for this process is ten days until the data is corrected. The right of cancellation enables the user to delete inaccurate data attributed to him. Finally, the right of opposition is the one that guarantees the user’s privacy by controlling the use made of their data.

Thus, this list serves as a public consultation file and provides information on the defaults of both a natural person as of one legal The objective of this is to improve the solvency of the financial system. The common point of all debtors is that as of December 2018 they owed more than one million euros to the treasury. Despite this, the figure, according to the Tax agency, decreased in relation to the previous year’s data, specifically a 7.8%, resulting in 1,260 delinquent less than in the 2017-2018 relationship.

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