How To Invest In NFT Companies 

How To Invest In NFT Companies 


NFTs have captivated the globe, as they are the distinctive objects that signify ownership of a virtual asset. Firms using NFT technology, production companies, metaverse enterprises, NFT markets, collector companies, companies making money from NFTs, and funds monitoring NFT indices can all offer NFT equities.

A number of businesses, including Coinbase, Shopify, OpenSea, and others, have their hands in the NFT bucket for investors. These people run markets, provide NFT collections, and more. To practise investing, you might wish to start with NFT stocks.


Here are the best 10 NFT stocks to purchase in 2022. Let's get in touch.

10 Best NFT Companies To Invest In

1. Coinbase

One of the best cryptocurrency trading and investment platforms in the world is Coinbase. Anyone may now easily purchase, trade, and swap different cryptocurrencies. Actually, Coinbase has been effective in making purchasing cryptocurrencies at least as simple as purchasing stocks. Coinbase joined the bandwagon by developing a genuine NFT marketplace after surfing the NFT wave into 2021. This is how NFTs may be purchased and traded globally.

2. OpenSea

97% of the NFT market is controlled by OpenSea. According to OpenSea's sales statistics, the company earned a staggering US$76 million in only the month of August 2021. Given that the NFT industry is already valued at more than US$1 billion, this shows that OpenSea, which has a market size of US$1.5 billion, has a lot of potentials. 

3. Cloudflare

 Cloudflare makes sure that assets with an external audience, such as websites, APIs, and apps, are secure and reliable. On average, it fulfils 32 million HTTP requests every second.

These requests pass via a wall that conducts security checks. To make this possible, the service owns and runs a sizable network of servers.

However, Cloudflare also offers additional services, such as Cloudflare Stream, that enable the publication of movies online without the need for the publishing companies to consider screen resolution, device compatibility, memory pools, or FFmpeg information. The publication, storage, and broadcasting of NFTs are now supported by that service.


4. Takung Art 

Takung Art is an online marketplace for investors and art aficionados interested in joint ownership of quality Asian and international art. Paintings, priceless stones, calligraphy, jewellery, and artwork are examples of this art. Investors and collectors may trade with this art without being concerned about counterfeit and price gouging.

Takung Art, which has been thriving amid the NFT boom, will open an NFT marketplace this quarter. NFTs will thus be offered and traded on the platform. Additionally, the business will offer blockchain-based advisory services to businesses that are issuing NFTs. As a result, the stock offers substantial exposure to NFTs.

5. Nike

Another significant firm to watch out for in the NFT space is Nike. They have long held the top spot in the globe for footwear and other items of clothing that people love to collect and that hold their worth. Nike has now been granted a patent that enables them to produce NFT versions of several of its recognisable models of shoes. They are developing a shop spanning several metaverses where these digital assets will be sold. It is among the top NFT stocks to purchase in 2022.

6. Google Inc.

Traders may now buy or sell NFTs on eBay, a firm that connects them to a wide range of assets. Trading NFTs based on cards, pictures, films, artwork, and other items is therefore possible. Additionally, the business disclosed that it will open up its platform to digital collectables based on blockchains.

The startup eventually wants to make it possible for traders to use cryptocurrencies to buy, sell, and pay for products and services. On its website, the 1995-founded American multinational company also permits business-to-consumer transactions.

7. Shopify Inc.

An international e-commerce platform called Shopify facilitates the listing, sale, and purchase of goods and services online. Additionally, it aids companies in starting online stores and moving their purchasing and selling online. Then, they may make use of the platform to advertise products on social media and to make or receive payments for products and services using conventional payment methods. Additionally, businesses may handle orders, maintain purchasing and selling information, send packages, and monitor payments.


Anyone may now mint, list, purchase, and trade NFTs on Shopify. Traders can pay and receive payment for NFTs through the platform's NFT marketplace using a variety of methods, including cryptocurrencies and credit cards.

Does investing in NFT make sense?

One might purchase NFT as a trader or to secure the value of extremely limited edition content. You can benefit from auto-trading bots like tesler to ensure safe and secure trades. We provided information for people interested in investing in NFT stocks in addition to a list of NFT stocks to consider.