How to host refugee children from Ukraine?

How to host refugee children from Ukraine?

The war in ukraine has led to the massive displacement of two million people, among which more than half are minors. People fleeing war are grouped together in refugee camps from Poland or Romania. From there, the NGO they try to relocate families away from the horror of war.

The reception processes of Ukrainian children are regulated by solidarity organizations. Adoption procedures may also be requested through the council of social affairs of the Community. Movements that are carried out to ensure that the conditions of the host family are optimal and acceptable.

These are the main NGO where you can apply for the adoption of minors:


The UN Association for Refugees is commissioning to support border refugee camps. Through a donation on its website you can collaborate to help those fleeing from war. Filippo Grandi, UN High Commissioner for Refugees comments on how the refugee situation is going "I have been working on refugee crises for almost 40 years and rarely have I seen such an incredibly fast exodus of people".


The non-profit organization is already involved in the displacement of several families and minors who go to Spanish territory. The area in which largest number of refugees is escaping from the country is the Donbass region. Reception of applications is available.


The area of ​​influence of this association is related to the area of ​​the Ukrainian capital. The main objective of this association is to ensure that minors reach a family with good conditions and manage to escape from the complicated situation in which they find themselves.


The NGO is in charge of collaborating in the shipment of material to collaborate with the situation in Ukraine, in addition to participating in the family reception of refugees. The association is participating in the support of orphanages. Since 1994 the NGO has been in charge over 900 welcomed.


The main conditions for the reception of children are: have sufficient means of livelihood, favorable existence for the minor's integration, ability to cover the child's needs, be in good health that does not hinder the normal care of the minor, respect for the minor's history, flexibility of attitudes and adaptability to new situations.

Due to the emergency of the situation, the NGOs are in charge of finding and processing the reception of minors, thanks to the approval of special visas the adoption processes are being accelerated, but even so, the huge number of displaced people makes volunteer work difficult.

More of thousand Ukrainian refugees who have arrived in Spain fleeing the war are already welcomed within the state system, which so far has more than 12,000 places available to serve these citizens.

This was announced this Wednesday by the Secretary of State for Migration, Jesús Perea, in an act at the headquarters of the Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces (FEMP) where he explained the plan for the reception and reception of Government refugees.

"We have made a great effort to resize the reception system. At this moment, there are more than a thousand people in our country welcomed within the system and we are prepared to welcome many more to the extent that this flow can occur. There is no neither the exact number of capacities nor of offers, but we have the maximum availability and flexibility to increase the system's capacity", Perea assured in statements to the media.


NGOs in the face of the avalanche of solidarity of products sent from Europe and different parts of the world they are saturated, although they continue to demand more support to help the refugees. The adoption processes are also at a difficult point. However, any help that can be processed is little given the magnitude of the conflict.

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