March 1, 2021

How to get a job in a technology company thanks to a ‘bootcamp’ | Innovation

You know what the bootcamps? This is a booming training modality that is characterized by being very intensive and teaching its students, in a very short time, a concrete technological profession and with great labor demand. One of the best known companies in this sector is Neoland, with a campus in Madrid, Barcelona and with an online offer specializing in this type of intensive technology courses. In the last year 98% of their students at the end of these courses found work with junior level and a salary from 21,000 euros on average. Within a few years, they rise to senior level and their salaries double or even triple.

UX / UI Design Bootcamp

Companies are increasingly aware of the need to focus their digital products on the user, for this reason the design of Interfaces (UI) and User Experience (UX) have become one of the most demanded professions today .

Full Stack Bootcamp

All digital products need web development and JavaScript is the programming language most used today, for this reason the web developer full stack It is one of the most requested professions among companies in the technology sector.

Data Science Bootcamp

Big data generates huge amounts of data and the data scientist It is responsible for converting them into useful information to make decisions in companies. For this reason, this profession has become one of the most demanded by digital companies.

The bootcamps full time full-time They have a duration of 12 weeks and are given during working hours, but for people who do not have the necessary time during the week, there is also a part-time option (part-time compatible with the work and that has the same contents, but lasts 24 weeks.

Once the bootcamp In this school, schools help to get a job thanks to the personalized counseling services they offer. In addition, as they are in contact with more than 300 technology companies, every three months they organize a job fair called hiring week in which they put their students in contact with companies that have open job offers at that time.

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