How to download Instagram reels

Instagram It is one of the social networks most used in the world and this application never rests and always brings news. The reels, some videos that are usually 15 seconds long in which people show off their skills or make you laugh, were a real 'boom' for Instagram, since without realizing it they captivated us.

It is very possible that on some occasion, after watching one of these videos, you wanted it save to see it again later, to show it to a friend or you have wanted it to download to send it by a group of WhatsApp. Well, next we will explain how to download or save an Instagram reel.

download reels

In the case that you mobile or tablet is iOS, you must follow these simple steps:

  • The main thing is to have an application to download these reels like InSaver or you can also do it by using an online reel downloader like Instap

  • Next, you need to open the Instagram app and search for the reels you want to download

  • Once you have it, click on it. three point menu what's in the part lower right and select the option 'Copy link'

  • Once copied, go to one of the two options mentioned at the beginning and copy the link (in the case of InSaver this will be copied automatically)

  • In the case of Instadp, once you copy the link, it will will download to your device, in the case of InSaver you must select the option 'See' and then click on 'Options' (lower right corner of the screen)

  • Finally, click on 'Share' and to finish select 'Save video'

For Android devices, the procedure is practically the same:

  • First of all make sure you have downloaded an application like Video Downloader for Instagram or the online downloader mentioned above.

  • Second, open Instagram and search for the reels you are interested in having on your mobile

  • Next, click on the three-dot menu that is in the part Upper right and select 'Copy Link'

  • Open the Video Downloader app and paste the link in it

  • To finish, press the 'Download' button

With these simple steps you will have the opportunity to save the reels that you liked the most on your mobile, tablet or computer.

save reels

If you don't want to have the videos downloaded to your device so as not to take up space, there is also the option of save your reels on instagram. You can even store them in a specific folder to have your publications more organized!

  • Once you have selected the reels you want to save, you must press the three-point menu and the 'Keep' that appears in this

  • Then you go to the your profile screen (by pressing the lower right button where your profile picture appears)

  • There, you must click on the button three horizontal stripes at the top right and then click on 'Saved'

  • This will take you to a screen where you will have all the videos, reels and photos that you have saved

  • Finally, if you click on 'all posts', once inside you have to go to the central icon at the top where you can see all your saved reels

In addition, an option that Instagram offers you is that you can organize your posts by folders, so if you have photos or videos about clothes, food, books, movies... you can organize them to your liking. The process is very simple:

  • If you do it from the 'Saved' menu, you must enter 'All publications' and there you must press the photo, video or reel you want

  • Once inside, the publication will appear in large and below it (at the bottom right) there is a button that if press continuously, the menu of 'Keep in'

  • To finish, you must click on the plus button (+) and there create the folder with the name you want

  • From there, as long as you follow this procedure you can save the publications in that same folder or in another

  • Another way to do it, without the need to enter the 'Saved' menu, is that when you get a publication that interests you, you will see the same button at the bottom right and there you need to follow the 'Save to' process above.

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