How to disable custom searches on Google for Android

Google application.

Google application.

Google You have updated your Mobile Finder application Android with a new option in their settings With which users can choose whether they want to be shown personalized results based on their search activity.

The new Google Search preference option has started to appear at users of your Android app and it is shown accompanied by a glossy icon titled 'Personal results', as the 9to5Google portal has warned.

This configuration allows you to "choose if the Finder can display personal results based on your account information Google ", as explained by Google in its settings.

In this way, the user can decide if they want the autocomplete function based on predictions based on previous searches to be activated, or get personalized responses based on their account such as flights from Gmail or addresses of Maps.

Likewise, those who use this novelty will be able to activate or deactivate other recommendations based on the activity of their Google account, such as Discover contents or advice on what to see or in which restaurants to eat.


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