How to detect a manipulative boss?

Manipulators are not easy to detect because they use subtle tactics to wrap their victims in the same way that a spider weaves its web to catch their prey. This is defined by Juan Carlos Cubeiro, head of talent of ManpowerGroup. There are bosses who, by intuition or learning, have developed a manipulative personality, through which they get others to do what they want.

A personality trait called "Machiavellianism", in reference to Nicolás Maquiavelo, author of "The Prince". How does it operate? The manipulator turns its "prey" into victim without her being aware of it, so that the attacked person takes a long time to recognize his condition and sometimes does not even notice.

It is deceived because the aggression is subtle, there is no obvious and objective evidence of the attack and it is only perceived by the feelings of discomfort and insecurity generated by working with these types of people. Discussing with him will be of little use., experts say, since the manipulator is skilled. It is important that the employee does not enter the emotional game, base his work on facts, on data, on transparency and collaboration.


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