September 27, 2020

How to delete the subscription to a distribution email – La Provincia

Users receive throughout the day all types ofemailsin your inbox: those that interest you and that come from senders who intend to offer you information on labor or shopping issues they have made; Ythose that belong to companies, many of them social networks, whose content is primarily advertising.

Theadvertising mailsthey usually belong to fashion or leisure companies, or social networks, which have included the user in a distribution list to send emails about their service and that, on many occasions,the user does not even remember when he has agreed to receive such information.

Forput an end to these massive emailsThere are several methods that users can use to unsubscribe from their corresponding subscriptions through different websites and options within their own email applications and services.

Via email

The most common option to not receive promotional emails from a specific sender is to go to thelower body of the email. An option usually appears here that alerts the user thatyou can unsubscribe from the listof distribution. To do this, just click on the option ‘unsubscribe’, ‘unsubscribe from this list’ or ‘unsubscribe’.

The web will generally lead to awindow in which the user will have to select between several optionswhy he wants to unsubscribe and then be removed from the distribution list. In this way, you will no longer receive any email from that sender, unless you sign up again.

Another option to unsubscribe from the distribution list from email is touse the link that Google has incorporated for it. In a computer version, the user will have to open an email from the sender from whom they want to cancel receiving messages. Next to the name of the sender, the option ‘Cancel subscription’ or ‘Change preferences’ appears.

In the mobile version of Gmail, this option appears in the three points that are in the upper right, which display a series of options among whichis ‘Unsubscribe’. However, Google, on its Gmail Help page, warns that this option may not appear – neither on the web nor on the mobile. Then, he urges to block the sender or mark the message as ‘spam’.

To unsubscribe from a subscription list atiOS Mail and in OutlookThe mechanism to follow is the same, although in these cases the option to delete a subscription on the desktop appears on the sender of the email instead of next to it. In the case of Yahoo, it is only allowed to mark as ‘spam’ or spam on both mobile and desktop.

Mass elimination

On the other hand, if the user prefers to remove their subscriptions from amore comfortable way and doing a complete eraseof your data so as not to leave a trace of your presence on the corresponding platform, you can do so through tools created specifically for it such as Delete me, Unsuscriber, Unlistr or until recently

In the case ofRemove me, it is a tool that can be accessed through the page on Cyber ​​Security Network Law, which allows you to remove user subscriptions on Facebook, Yahoo, Instagram, Medium, Pinterest, Disqus, MySpace, Shopify, Spotify, Twitter, Skype, Linkedin, Google, Flickr, Badoo, Reddit, Slack, Telegram and Yammer.

The user will have toclick on the corresponding service linkavailable on the page, which will redirect you to the official page of the application from which you wish to unsubscribe. This will have to login with your account and follow the steps that appear on the screen.

Another tool isUnsuscriber, which follows a mechanism similar to the previous one. The user must log in to their email account through the web, where a ‘Unsuscribe’ folder will be created. There, you must drag and enter all those unwanted emails, so that the tool will automatically block the ’emails’ that enter the sender in the inbox.

The tool will then notify the sender of the corresponding email that the user wishes to cancel his subscription and be removed from the distribution list. Until this happens, emails from that sender will be stored in the ‘Unsuscribe’ folder.

Another tool isUnlistr, that can be usedin Outlook, iOS and Android to automatically delete all those emailselectronic unwanted by the user. The user will have to install the application, select the mail senders from whom he does not want to receive content and Unlistr will automatically delete all those emails that come from that sender and will “auto unsubscribe”, as they indicate on their website. was a tool that also allowed you to remove subscriptionsto mass emails such as Unsuscriber or Eliminate me, but which is currently not available in the European Union or in the European Economic Area, as they say from their website.

This is due to its incompatibility with the General Data Protection Regulation of the European Union, as it collects the information collected from users for analytical and market research purposes.

Just a few

On the other hand, for those users who do not want to delete their subscription to a complete distribution list but only tocertain information that the services send, you can do it through the settings of each application.

Thus, in Spotify, if you go to your profile, Notifications, the user can select what type of information you want to receive by email and what not. The same happens in social networks like Twitter, where the user can go to ‘Settings and Privacy’ within the options menu of his profile, to‘Notifications’ -> ‘Email notifications’. There you can select what content you want to receive through that service.

The same mechanism can be followed on Facebook, within‘Notifications’ -> Email’.And also on Instagram, accessing ‘Notifications’ under ‘Settings’ in the profile, and the section ‘Email and SMS’.

In short, the user has several mechanisms toremove active subscriptions from distribution lists. Companies use them to send advertising information or with newsletters, and therefore it is important to know all these tools to proceed with the elimination of the unwanted service, in order to end junk emails that reach the inbox or, At least, knowing that you have the option of being able to select what information you want to receive in this regard.


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