How to create your own 'stickers' for WhatsApp | Technology

How to create your own 'stickers' for WhatsApp | Technology

First were the audio notes, then, the gifs and later, the stickers. WhatsApp does not stop updating and take out new functions to strengthen its dominance in the market of apps of instant messaging. The application allows to send in your conversations funny stickers of cups, animals, people and even dinosaurs. Also now, with the help of apps from third parties, it is possible to create your own stickers: stickers of your friends, partner, pets or favorite movie characters.

EL PAÍS has made a selection of some applications that are used to create original stickers on the mobile. To do it on an Android device, it's very useful Sticker Studio. Is app, which has more than one million downloads in the Play Store, allows you to create a maximum of 10 packages with up to 30 stickers each.

Once the application is downloaded, open it and click on the sum sign that appears in a pink bubble in the lower right part of the screen. Afterwards, it is necessary to choose a photograph from the phone gallery. After selecting it, you must draw with your finger the outline of the image that you want to turn into a sticker. When it is cropped, click on the green tick in the upper right corner of the screen and the first sticker will be created.

To be able to add a folder to WhatsApp stickers, it has to have at least three stickers. That is to say, this process should be repeated with two other images. Then, just enter the folder in Sticker Studio and click on the WhatsApp logo that appears in the top right of the screen to add the stickers to the instant messaging application.

Once inside WhatsApp, you have to click on the tab of the stickers, which is in the section of emojis and animated GIFs. There, a new folder with the stickers that have been created in Sticker Studio will appear. To send them to any contact, just click on the sticker wanted.

Create stickers on an iPhone

To create stickers for WhatsApp on an iPhone, you need two applications: the photo editor PicsArt Y WSTick. To start, you have to open in PicsArt the image with which you want to create a sticker. Once the clipping tool has been selected, you must mark with your finger the silhouette that you want to turn into a sticker and fill it -the selected areas will be dyed red-. Then, click on "accept" and "save".

In this case it is necessary to have created at least four stickers with this process in order to import them to WhatsApp. To do the latter, you have to open the app WSTick and click on the sum sign that appears in the upper right part of the screen. After entering a name to the folder and an author, you must add the four images. Once all these steps are done, the stickers will be ready in WhatsApp so that the user can use them in any conversation.

So you can download the new Christmas stickers

Santa Claus, a snowman or a girl juggling gifts. These are some of the new stickers Christmas that WhatsApp has recently added to the application and that can be downloaded easily. To do this, you have to open any chat and click on the icon of the emoticons, which is on the left side of the message writing bar. Then, it is necessary to select the sticker icon in the lower right part of the screen-right next to the GIFs- and click on the sum sign that appears in the upper right part of the keyboard. In doing so, a menu will be opened with different packages of stickers, including Christmas. To download it, just click on the button with a green arrow that appears to the right of the stickers.


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