How to create your own stickers for WhatsApp – La Provincia

In recent months, you have surely received a sticker in a WhatsApp group. It is a sort of sticker that offers more real possibilities thanclassic emoticons. In Telegram they already existed previously, but now they have joined the leading messaging application.

These stickers can be created from images of friends, characters or relatives inthird-party applicationsand then share through WhatsApp. For example, the 'app'Sticker StudioIt is a very useful tool to create this type of files. Such is the popularity of stickers that already has more than one million downloads in the Play Store.

The process to create the stickers is simple. Once the application is downloaded, it must be opened andclick on the sum signwhich is in the lower area of ​​the screen. The next step is to choose a photograph that the user has on the mobile. Then, the part of the image that will be the sticker is cut out. Finally, the green tick that appears above is pressed on the screen and a sticker will be generated.

If you want to add a folder with stickers to WhatsApp, you need to create two more stickers, since it requires aminimum of three. When you have them, you have to click on the WhatsApp logo to add the stickers to the application and share them. In this way, these files will appear in thesection of emojis and GIFsand they can be sent in the same way.

On the other hand,on iPhonesYou can also create stickers. There are two applications that you have to download to generate the stickers. First, with thePicsArt editorThe photo chosen for the sticker is opened and saved in the device. You have to create at least four to be able to import them to WhatsApp. For this, another 'app' is indispensable,WSTick, with which the folder that is added to the messaging application is made.


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