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How to correct errors in the draft and make everything perfect to the first

Borrador de la Renta 2018: Cómo corregir errores y hacer todo perfecto a la primera

This Tuesday, April 2, the Bell of the Rent
2018, which will last until next July 1. For those who are going to do and present the declaration, an essential step will be access to the draft, which must contain the information that the Treasury receives about the taxpayers.

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The system that the Tax Agency has (AEAT) is not perfect, so this document may contain errors if there have been important changes in the fiscal data during the year. This is why it is advisable to take a look at the following sections to correct the faults and make everything perfect the first time.

Income 2018

You have to check if there has been a change in the usual address, which may not be in the draft

On the one hand, the deduction of the personal and family minimum, which changes when the taxpayer has been married or divorced. In the same way, it also affects the arrival of a new child in the family unit, as well as the death loss of a member. If a disability condition has occurred in the taxpayer or in a member of the family, it would also have to be checked.

In this line, you must also check the address if there has been a change in the usual residence, as it may not be included in the draft.

Income 2018

The income from work and the aid received when buying a car, in the hands of the Treasury

Regarding work performance, in principle there should be no errors: companies send these data directly to the Treasury. Even so, it would be best to review it, especially when you have had more than one payer. The situation is different with the imputations of income that are recorded when a property is acquired in the corresponding fiscal year, since the Treasury does not usually include this information in the declaration. It is the taxpayer who must correct the slip.

What the Treasury does have is the help received when buying cars that meet the requirements of the PIVE plan, but it costs nothing to compare them. Of course, the Treasury is often 'forgotten' subsidies. It is also common to make mistakes in the data that reflect the contribution of taxpayers to pension plans.

Income 2018

The Treasury does not usually collect the autonomic deductions: the large ones forgotten in the declaration

Lastly, the deductions for autonomy are not usually collected: the forgotten ones. Thus, before confirming the draft it is convenient to collate this data that are applicable depending on the place of residence.

Beyond this, we must be careful with the news presented by this campaign. The union of technicians Gestha has drawn up a list of the main issues that must be taken into account from today.

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