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How to convince my landlord that I am solvent?

How to convince my landlord that I am solvent?


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I'm looking for a rental house. Through several real estate portals I have sent emails to owners of houses that fit my needs and budget. I am finding that almost all of them ask me for my work contract and my last two payrolls before I even visited the house. This is normal? On the other hand, I am autonomous. What can I do to convince the landlord that I have solvency? (Consultation of Alberto Velázquez)

Responds Ferran Font, director of the Cabinet Studies of

At the time of putting a house for rent, it is usual for the owner to try to be as calm as possible. For this reason, the most common is that they try to make sure that whoever occupies their property will be a good tenant or, at least, a solvent tenant. The usual in these cases is to request documentation proving the economic stability of the tenant, such as the latest payroll. If they request it before the first visit, it is a decision of each owner, but it is true that they are entitled to demand minimums and not want to invest their time in visiting your apartment with tenants who already do not comply with them.

In the case of being self-employed, the best way to show your financial solvency is by providing your last annual income statement and, if the owner asks for the most up-to-date information possible, you can present your last quarterly statement of IRPF of income and expenses. If you need to prove your job stability, you can also present your seniority as self-employed. It is important to bear in mind that the owner, for his part, can contract non-payment insurance or consult ASNEF.


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